$ 200 million fund will be created to develop Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

Judy Rubio

Hardfork Bitcoin

The first of August 2017 went down in the blockchain history with a significant separation of bitcoin into bitcoin and bitcoin cache. It should be noted that bitcoin itself was then on the rise and was extremely expensive, as it seemed to traders, as much as 5,000 US dollars for 1 coin. On the first day of trading, the fork of Bitcoin, or rather Bitcoin Cash, reached its maximum value of $ 3,000 per unit.

It is believed that the development of this altcoin ruined the greed of traders. They began to actively sell coins for the purpose of quick profit, which ultimately reduced the cost of bitcoin cache in a few days to 700, and then to 300 US dollars per unit.

This is due to the fact that Bitcoin Cash went to the owners of Bitcoin, absolutely free at a price of 1 to 1 i.e. those who had 10 Bitcoin received an additional 10 Bitcoin Cash.

Roger Ver

The adventurer, a full age of 40 years old, born in the United States, has been imprisoned for illegal trafficking of explosives. He lived in Japan. Renounced US citizenship. Received the citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Time Test

The coin has passed the test of time and at the moment its cost is 211 dollars. We can say that the fork of BTC is successfully traded on the stock exchange and, although much cheaper than its “big brother”, it has not turned into a shit-token, and is quite a top cryptocurrency.

Favorable Climate

Only rumors about the possible creation of this fund immediately affected the BTH rate, raising the price on various cryptocurrency exchanges to 260-270 US dollars, which is approximately equal to 25% of the growth rate of alcoyne. Then the interest subsided and a short-term pump pump passed with it and it went into a dump.

However, we can safely assume that as soon as the first investments are made in 2020, the price will rise, because even from simple rumors the price at various trading floors starts to rise up.

Chance for Centralized Cryptocurrencies

The latest news from the world of blockchain technology speaks of an attempt to create centralized cryptocurrencies. For example, Mark Zuckerberg creates altcoin on the basis of the Facebook social network, detailed news about the project can be found in the material: “ Another collection of funds from Series A brought the Libra Association cryptocurrency 25.5 million investments”. Considering that Roger Ver Foundation is almost 10 times larger than the owner of Facebook, we can safely say that the time of decentralized altcoins has not passed yet and there is a chance for their development.

How will BTH develop?

The data on where the money of the investment fund will be spent are not announced and are not published on the network. Roger Ver holds an intrigue. Only one thing is known: the funds will be used to maintain the favorable development of Bitcoin cache.

Possible Development of the Situation

Mr. Ver proved to be an extremely successful and entrepreneurial businessman. Considering the fact that his fund was created in London, there is a chance of attracting investments from the European Union, which in turn also creates a fund for the development of blockchain projects worth 400 million euros. This can be found out in detail in the article “The European Union intends to create a fund of 400 million euros for the implementation of blockchain projects”.

Considering the number of funds that are created, as well as the amounts that countries and businessmen invest in them, one conclusion can be drawn. Cryptocurrencies are expected to grow in the nearest future. At the same time, there is the likelihood of a new coin appearing, which may already exist and is not very expensive, like Bitcoin once, and which will soon become the top cryptocurrency.