Accredited Investors’ Move Confuses Crypto Leaders

Annabella Cornelly

Crypto leaders are individuals who are well-aware of the latest events and know what sort of situation the crypto market is going through at the moment. Thousands of crypto participants pay attention to these people’s opinions and advice – they follow their recommendations whenever they wish to achieve greater goals or make their activities more successful and efficient.

As news agencies report, dozens of prominent crypto players found the SEC decision quite important. Many of them responded positively to it. However, there are famous figures who state that the move might fall short.

Some of the most significant players in the crypto industry have expressed their interest in the decision made by the SEC. As we already know, the commission has recently amended its definition and indicated who and what exactly an accredited investor is. On the other hand, there are many specialists who ignore all the positive feedback and claim that the newly established rules will not go too far.

On Wednesday, the commission announced that the accredited investor is a definition that needs to be based on some certain credentials. The list also includes designations along with professional certifications. All of the mentioned documents must be issued by an accredited educational institution. Professionals state that the previous definition sounded different and according to it, accredited investors were supposed to own either one million USD or a stable income of around two hundred thousand USD per year.

It’s important to understand that this rule has long been under scrutiny and the entire crypto community wanted some change. More than that, users realize that this category keeps expanding and offers new opportunities to thousands of individuals who are willing to invest in security token offerings.

Opinions of Prominent Investors and Specialists

No doubt, there are many other interesting deals that open new doors and transform the digital asset ecosystem. It’s surprising how many famous people soon started praising this regulation. Professionals like Tyler Winklevoss point out that they are happy that the SEC has finally acknowledged the current situation, analyzed it, and offered an efficient solution. Investment acumen may not have anything in common with wealth.

Other specialists say that the change might greatly affect future security token offerings – they will simply offer greater inclusion. This, in turn, will allow more potential investors to dive into the essential market. Later on, they will be able to help smaller projects take off the ground. Many users admit that it’s good to witness that the authorities are ready to adapt.

This gives increased opportunities and better access to investment possibilities that used to be offered to the elite exclusively. Not all members were impressed with the idea, though. They asked the agency to clear up how many individuals will meet the new requirements. As we know, it now includes some certain details and nuances that sound confusing. The part where officials say about financial ‘sophistication’ is the one that makes many experts feel suspicious.

This notion may refer to people with a high net-worth. Maybe this would also include their extensive experience in all kinds of markets. Unfortunately, for now, the term does not sound clear enough. What everyone admits is that the SEC is finally prepared to incorporate sophistication and knowledge. From now on, net worth will no longer be the only requirement.