Bezos Is Wealthier Than all BTC in Circulation

Colin Baseman

Jeff Bezos is a famous investor – the man is interested in many other spheres where he has remained active throughout the past few years. His achievements are exceptional and there is hardly anyone who wouldn’t know who he is. Besides being a media proprietor, Bezos is CEO of Amazon, one of the well-known services available on the Internet. Millions of people use the website to purchase or sell various sorts of items.

Crypro market analysts sometimes compare the most prominent people to the crypto market and all that occurs there. They draw parallels, study, and analyze the differences as well as similarities. Recent data has revealed that the entrepreneur possesses much more wealth and money than the top-ranked cryptocurrency’s market cap. This news sounds impressive knowing how much crypto is in circulation at the moment.

There is now less BTC in circulation that the famous man is worth, and yet Bezos wouldn’t be able to purchase the crypto all himself.

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Not only his online shopping monster has helped Bezos to tap record wealth levels and climb this high. Market analysts claim that he now holds significant amounts of wealth and what he owns exceeds the capital invested in BTC, which is crypto’s largest asset.

It’s surprising to find out that Amazon stock shares have increased over four percent to a record two thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight USD. All this has boosted the CEO’s fortune to one hundred and seventy-one billion USD. The businessman has managed to gain four billion USD in less than two years. 

How Deep Are Bezos’ Pockets?

The largest crypto’s market cap at present holds one hundred and sixty-six billion USD. This data is constantly updated since there are lots of events and moves and influence the figures.  They can be compared to the total net worth belonging to Bezos – then we will see that the crypto’s size is comparatively small and other markets, as well as separate individuals, can boast greater results. As an example, we can take gold and notice that its market cap sits around eight trillion USD.

Specialists analyzing the crypto market do not think that the billionaire CEO would manage to purchase all cryptocurrency in circulation. Even though his current net worth is greater than that of BTC, there are a few other factors to be mentioned.

Experts agree that Bezos could buy the crypto available in the market and held on order books. At the same time, this would affect the activity – we would then witness how it drives up the crypto’s price. No doubt, this would also remove liquidity from the market. More than that, there would be plenty of individuals who wouldn’t wish to sell their crypto. Finally, we should bear in mind that there are BTC holders who have lost their crypto throughout the years and are now unable to gain access to it.

Derivative traders feel it’s essential for them to weigh in with similar ideas and opinions. They share their thoughts with other participants interested in the matter. For instance, Tone Vays believes that if Bezos bought the crypto, he would soon drive its price to the level where he wouldn’t be able to afford the asset.