Bitcoin Retail Demand Doubles in Four Years

Colin Baseman

Experts who have been dealing with cryptocurrencies are now interested to find out who are individuals ready to purchase Bitcoin. According to many professionals, retail demand is steadily growing and it is expected to have doubled in the nearest four years. The next halving event will be different and more significant than the previous ones and participants are looking forward to seeing how everything goes.

Recent data illustrates BTC accumulation – retail investors do not seem to be ready to quit. On the contrary, their activity keeps on surging even though the economic downturn has made a certain impact. Also, a greater number of institutional investors have entered the sphere which cannot go unnoticed, either.

ZUBR derivatives have gone through research and its figures were published in the mass media sources last month. It shows that activities from retail investors are massively increasing. This is quite surprising since there was a longstanding narrative claiming that it would take institutional adoption in case we wanted to boost crypto prices.

The recent event was just a distant memory and the crypto’s price lingered in the nine-thousand-one-hundred-USD range. We see that the current price action is not even close to the post-halving movement, although most of the institutional, as well as retail investors, hoped for a more impressive result.

Bear in mind the lackluster price action and take into account the record growth in the number of BTC whales. Moreover, we should remember the great number of wallets holding less than one Bitcoin. There are several other factors specialists mention that might have influenced the growing number of investors interested in the top-ranked cryptocurrency.

Experts admit that other digital assets didn’t manage to achieve a greater demand. Companies presume that demand might be caused by both retail and institutional investors.

Predictions Made by Market Analysts

Sourcing data from various outlets, ZUBR announced that two months ago wallets holding between one and ten BTC had increased past five hundred thousand. All of these accounts have been growing on a monthly basis – the trend started two years ago when the market was bearish and the crypto’s price hit its all-time highs.

The next reward era is ahead and we have another four years to wait. During this period, retail may be responsible for more than fifty percent of the physical supply. The crypto and equities markets are likely to have a certain degree of correlation and we witnessed that this year, in March, when the entire market tanked.

Specialists realize that a steep fall in value like the fifty-percent BTC price fall that occurred in March proves that such moves can decrease demand. However, statistics from the agency prove the opposite.

At the moment, nine hundred BTC are mined daily, and this result is expected to fall to four hundred and fifty in the nearest four years. ZUBR predicts that by the next halving in 2024, retail demand will probably exceed two hundred and fifty BTC per day, which makes fifty percent of the new available daily supply. 

There is another nuance to mention and this is the fact that the figure could exceed the firm’s estimated because their statistics focused on wallets holding whole numbers, although there are accounts with the crypto holdings that are fractional.