Blockchain Experts Discuss Topical Issues

David Kemp

Central bank digital currencies as well as issues related to the pandemic have become the major topics for many conferences and conventions in many industries. Blockchain experts are no exception in this sense – they also admit the importance of these spheres and are readily offering their opinions and sharing their views.

Topical issues that the crypto industry has to discuss include several aspects and only if specialists resolve existing problems and find the right ways out of the current difficulties will the entire community be able to keep on flourishing and blooming.

Unitize is one of the events that gather many experts and this is one of the conferences that the community arranges on a regular basis so that each participant could express his point of view and make suggestions that would help the whole group to effectively collaborate in the future.

Top agenda, according to reports, in the very first two days were two major topics and those were the coronavirus and its consequences as well as matters related to CBDC. Thanks to BlockShow, the conference occurred and many people could take part in the virtual meeting of the strongest minds. As analysts claim, San Francisco Blockchain Week is the right alternative for those interested in the crypto world and individuals who devote themselves to the community.

Speakers from numerous sectors had an opportunity to express their ideas and share their knowledge with thousands of other participants, hear them, and analyze the situation the crypto market faces in various emerging crypto sectors and blockchain space. CBDC continues to develop, and yet there are issues that specialists need to discuss to resolve the problems that COVID-19 brought to our society.

We have to find ways to restore the sectors that have suffered. And that’s why the mentioned two topics became the main matters that everybody desired to talk about during the first two days of the conference. Participants confirm that the pandemic has affected many sectors and that the industry is going through a harsh time at the moment.

However, they are prepared to collaborate to restore what the community has lost. Fortunately, there are endless opportunities that allow the industry to develop. It’s necessary to adopt blockchain as well as crypto. Even though the virus outbreak dominates discourse across many other facets of our life, professionals are not going to quit on their plans linked to technologies and innovations.

Topics That Deserve Special Attention

Many businesses are striving to survive – some might never restore, and yet there are hundreds of those who know what needs to be done to improve the situation and increase their incomes. One such company is Travala – its representatives participated in the event and informed others about the platform’s losses it experienced after the pandemic.

Official data shows that the travel agency met a ninety-percent drop in bookings due to the pandemic. These figures sound horrifying and this is what the entire global hospitality business saw in the past four months. Hundreds of countries locked down their national borders and travellers could no longer arrange their trips or make reservations. These factors hit the majority of travel agencies across the world. Luckily, the situation is steadily changing for the better.

Things have significantly improved since then and now we see many countries open up for summer travellers. Professionals admit that the industry might be experiencing a reprieve at last. Speaking at the conference, travel platforms revealed that domestic bookings have finally increased by one hundred and sixty percent since May. Efforts to recover are visible and agents announce that Travala has also established a partnership with Expedia.

Executives hope that their collaboration will make it even more convenient for the public to make bookings utilizing cryptocurrencies. Crypto payments will open up new opportunities and a wider variety of options – customers will be able to choose from more than seven hundred thousand hotels thanks to the services that Expedia’s platform features.

There is another advantage of the lockdown period. As many crypto experts admit, the problem itself might have triggered much faster crypto adoption. Technology officers remark that many governments have reviewed their previous programs and schemes and included blockchain in their agenda. Politicians understand that crypto is a viable instrument that can help avoid unfavorable regulations and policies.