Blockchain Links UAE to Indian Suppliers

Endy Callahan

Many governments have already admitted that blockchain platforms help countries to continue to develop in many spheres and this includes the food industry as well as agriculture.

One of the most recent events that major mass media outlets found interesting enough is the fact that from now on farmers located in India will be able to establish links with the UAE’s food industry thanks to the advances and special features offered by blockchain technology.

Agriota e-marketplace is a reliable and trustworthy group that claims to be able to provide Indian farmers with better access to the food industry worth several billion U.S. dollars located across the UAE.

According to the official representatives, the food industry is fully prepared to rely on a supply chain based on the blockchain approach and methods. Their main mission is to obtain various agricultural products. All of the purchases will be made directly from the Asian country.

In Monday’s report, authorities in the UAE mentioned that they are planning to negotiate and analyze the opportunities offered by Agriota E-Marketplace. It is a newly developed platform that employs the blockchain approach. Its technology can bridge the existing gap between the country’s food industry and farmers working in India.

The brand is likely to provide full transparency. This will be achieved by the verification procedure that is required for the food supply chain. The bridge will link farmers with numerous UAE companies dealing with food processing. Also, Indian suppliers will be able to connect to the wholesalers and traders based in the UAE.

All in all, the mentioned product will permit Indian farmers to get in touch directly with food industry corporations across the Emirates. They will offer seeds and cereal grown in India. The list includes other foods like vegetables and fruits. There are plenty of food companies that are willing to purchase condiments as well as spices. India can offer quite an impressive selection of deals and offers.

Recent Data and Future Planning

The country exported over one million USD of food products to the Emirates last year. According to the most recent data, Indian farmers can produce and export even more agricultural products and they can easily achieve their goals now that the authorities adopted the newly created blockchain platform.

As many professionals state, the Emirates have a relatively straightforward plan and comprehensive ideas that can ensure complete food security. They are also prepared to ensure great trade facilitation. What the government is now doing can significantly change the current flow of things. It will also serve as a wonderful example for other industries in the future.

Moreover, the platform will be capable of offering totally secure and safe transactions. Specialists note that the food industry will employ an escrow structure consisting of multiple tiers. It’s essential to point out that the commodities center located in Dubai was formed eighteen years ago. Since then, the organization has been providing financial infrastructure. Executives have been stimulating interest and there are now many participants willing to join the global commodities trade.