Blockchain Tech Provides Boost to Trucking

Annabella Cornelly

It is essential to mention that the gas trade process involves a lot of stages and phases. This procedure consists of several important aspects. Since the process itself is far from being simple, it requires a great number of people who would take part in the whole trade. Professionals admit that the trucking of natural gas needs a boost. Luckily, there are participants who fully realize this demand and are ready to do all possible to make trading happen.

As many mass media outlets announce, Uniper has finally decided to implement a blockchain platform. The product was created and provided by Wipro. Official representatives claim that they will employ it to streamline processes that it involves for liquefied natural gas trade.

Crypto enthusiasts are excited to find out that the German energy company has finally managed to implement a platform based on blockchain technologies. Experts state that this product will help parties to deliver liquefied natural gas to customers on a smaller scale. Employing the mentioned product, the team’s specialists would like to make the newly created technology to make all of its trade processes more productive and efficient. They would also like to streamline LNG distribution.

This would be done for the Liqvis GmbH, which is known to be an LNG-for-trucks subsidiary. On the other hand, many participants mention that there are raising concerns related to air pollution. This aspect has made major companies move towards using ecologically friendly fuel. This means that LNG is the right type of fuel for the transport industry. As many users state, it is especially good and beneficial in commercial trucks. This point has made it more important to improve the efficiency of the ssLNG trade process.

Growing Demand for LNG

At the same time, professionals confirm that the majority of smaller businesses have sometimes to see problems employing the increasing demand for LNG. This is happening due to the shortage of acost-effective supply chain. They would also need to gain more knowledge and experience and find out how to handle the safety issues that the process involves.

The creation as well as maintenance of the system requires more caution and attention from all parties. Companies that are relatively small need help and support – on their own, they would hardly be able to cope with such serious hurdles and obstacles. Thanks to Uniper, now the industry can use the platform and collaborate with Wipro, the famous Indian IT service provider.

In a recently posted report, the executives of the IT firm mentioned that at the moment, the entire ssLNG sector has been suffering from burdens caused by extensive paper-based transactions and manual operations. As a result, the processes became more costly and that was one of the reasons that made official representatives consider various options that would help them make their labor more efficient.

The platform that Wipro has created will significantly reduce manual paperwork. The team will apply the so-called consortium model for all potential customers. This, in turn, will help them decrease the timeframe and eliminate several other inefficiencies. At the same time, they will be able to add more transparency and improve scalability.