Can the Escobars Hope They Know the True Satoshi?

Judy Rubio

It has recently become known that the true founder of BTC is Yasutaka Nakamoto. People keep guessing who might have created Satoshi and whether the names we have known so far are real and belong to those we think have built up the entire industry. There is a new theory some might like and believe – a very unexpected source has revealed a few interesting facts.

Nowadays many think that Yasutaka was an engineer working for an airline company. The story involves smuggling drugs and transferring them to the USA from South America. Nakamoto was missing and some believed he was assassinated. However, he reappeared a few years after and launched BTC. The source claims that Dorian Satoshi is Yasutaka’s brother.

The Story That Surprised Everybody

More influential entrepreneurs like Olof Gustaffson confirm the described facts. The question is why the public is hearing all this now. The events sound fantastic and can become a good way to decrease the level of sensation that Satoshi created.

Olof Gustafsson, CEO of Escobar Inc. Taken from @olof_gustafsson/Twitter

Gustafsson says that Yasutaka may be well aware of drug smuggling performed by Pablo Escobar. He had a chance to continue working for the company and have unlimited access. More than that, Yasutaka had plenty of experience with semiconductors. His knowledge of microprocessors could help him found the world’s first cryptocurrency. Also, the man was courageous and fully dedicated himself to Escobar.

What the Public Sees in His Profile

There are not too many mentions of Yasutaka and one can hardly find any information online. The only event we have managed to read about his life was that of a pipe-bomb found in Yasutaka’s car. According to the source, that was an attempt to kill the man. The authorities were not ready to comment on the incident or give more details. It was not clear why an engineer could become someone’s victim. That was the last time the public had heard something about Nakamoto.

A Fork of the BTC Blockchain by Escobar

Escobar Inc. has tried to enter the crypto world. Two years ago Roberto founded ‘Diet’ BTC, which became a fork of the blockchain. A year later, it transferred to ETH’s architecture. The company keeps shocking people with their news.

Four years ago Escobar established a campaign in an attempt to raise fifty million USD. He planned to use the money to promote Donald Trump. The campaign was then closed since the owner didn’t give explanations of how he was allocating the funds. Nevertheless, the campaign helped raise over ten million USD.

Disputes Continue and Boggle People’s Minds

Some still remember the conflict between Escobar and Netflix. The former was ready to sue the company for false depictions of him. He wanted the creators to edit Narcos and make the series more truthful. Roberto also got in touch with Satoshi who asked for help while creating BTC. Some reporters announced that Escobar collaborated with Gustafsson and succeeded in establishing and owning the trademark. After he failed to respond to Wright’s claim, the businessman lost control of the BTC trademark.

Now the rights have returned to Coin Legal Ltd. The process is still going on and the authorities are reviewing the requests. Satoshi’s identity has been one of the most curious topics and the entire story has attracted plenty of attention from the crypto community. No wonder that theories keep emerging from time to time and new speculations appear across the crypto industry.