Coinbase exchange will close the startup and focus on the main project

Colin Baseman

The famous American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase closes the startup to focus on developing your own Coinbase Earn project.

How does earn from Coinbase differ from

The tasks of both projects are similar – they are aimed at significantly expanding the range of users of cryptocurrencies through the distribution of tokens for simple tasks. The only key difference is the method of popularization. offered its users paid email messages. Under this scheme, email senders paid recipients for completing various tasks. Moreover, this scheme could involve both ordinary users and companies that are engaged in professional email distribution.

Regular users working with this platform were able to earn additional income by responding to incoming emails. Moreover, the proceeds could be accumulated or sent to charity, for example.

Incoming emails could be ranked based on cost by importance. Moreover, the recipient in the letter itself saw exactly what needs to be done, since it was possible to receive remuneration only for completed tasks.

At the same time, the sender was able to realize their goals, most often marketing ones. Through this service, users were attracted to new projects. According to research, email senders receive responses in 30-70% of cases, which is much higher than the conversion rate of a regular cold mailing (1.7%).

The system for sending emails is implemented on the blockchain, which allows you to work with any region of the planet. Of course, subject to user verification. Learn more about regulation in the cryptocurrency market from our article "Regulation in the cryptocurrency market. Binance commented on blocking the withdrawal of coins to Wasabi Wallet" After completing the task, the user received certain tokens, which greatly increased interest in cryptocurrencies.

Unlike, the project from Coinbase is intended as a purely educational one. This means that users don't need to use email or complete tasks. Everything here is focused exclusively on teaching the service's clients about blockchain, trading, and other aspects related to cryptocurrencies.

As in the case of, for completing all stages, users receive a reward in the form of a particular cryptocurrency. This is a fairly effective method of popularizing the technology to the masses. The more ordinary people learn about cryptocurrencies, the faster they will come into use.

The exchange conducted a study that showed that the main obstacle to the distribution of certain tokens is the lack of sufficient knowledge about the token or the technology on which it was created.

Moreover, the surveys revealed that many users are willing to receive information about new projects and even participate in them, but they do not know what sources they can rely on. With the help of the Earn service from Coinbase, you can attract new users to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies who have never used tokens before, but are interested in this topic.

How exactly is the process of earning money

In order to make a profit, you must meet several conditions:

  1. Select the cryptocurrency of interest. For example, it can be Stellar. And you need to choose only what is currently in the educational program. Most often, there are projects with a fairly low level of recognition and popularity due to the lack of wide media and information coverage on the Internet.
  2. Take the course. It usually consists of several lessons, in which users are introduced to the practical aspects of using the blockchain, as well as talk about the features of the technology. Moreover, each individual lesson is paid for, so you can calculate in advance how much you will get for each such course. For example, one lesson in Stellar costs $2 in XLM. This means that for the entire course of five lessons, the user will receive $10. For some cryptocurrencies, there are lessons of different levels. The price tag for each completed stage also varies
  3. Additionally, it offers a kind of referral program, in which the user can invite their friends and get an additional $10 for each referral. You can invite up to 4 friends in total. Earnings will start as soon as invited users complete the lessons.
  4. After completing the course, you will be able to take part in a special paid survey. This is an opportunity to significantly increase the funds received. When you answer each question, you get additional amounts. The company's website States that you can earn up to $126 in this way.

Each course is only available for a limited time, as long as the blockchain founders are interested in it. After some time, new courses appear, and the old ones are closed, due to the fact that a particular blockchain has reached its marketing goals for popularization.

At the time of writing this news, the site offers courses on the following cryptocurrencies:

  1. Stellar.
  2. Orchid.
  3. Tezos.
  4. Dai.
  5. Zcash for.
  6. EOS.
  7. 0X.

It is worth noting that only users registered on the Coinbase platform can start earning in this way. Thus, the exchange not only provides its services to various blockchains for their popularization, but also significantly expands the pool of its own clients. All earned tokens are transferred to the Coinbase wallet and can be sold for other tokens at any time. Or you can accumulate cryptocurrency for other purposes.

Coinbase is registered and regulated in the United States. It is not available for trading operations of users living in the CIS countries.