Coronavirus May Force Bitcoin as High as $100,000

Endy Callahan

Max Keiser is a long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast; however, his recent claims was bold even for him and has taken over the media. He made a statement on his show that digital gold may reach a mark as high as 100,000 US dollars this year. Max says that Jamie Dimon is likely to «catch Bitcoin virus». 

The rise of Blockchain in the midst of the crisis 

He is sure that panicking and mass hysteria over the corona19 will cause Bitcoin price to soar unbelievably high, proving skeptics wrong. The growing number of panicking people means that they are likely to look for a resort away from state-controlled resources. In light of the recent events, Bitcoin looks more and more like a haven. 

Such factors as medium-term monetary policies and long-term fundamentals all play their part in promoting Bitcoin`s bullish tendencies, according to the self-proclaimed twitter poet and host of the Keiser Report. 

For a considerably long period, he has endorsed the ideas and stance of a famous cryptographic enthusiast John McAfee, whose bitcoin price prediction amounted to 1 million dollars US. And taking into consideration the situation that is happening on global markets, Mr. Max Keiser is ready to take his prediction to another level, he is ready to go as far as to triple his $100,000 price prediction. 

Mr. Keiser believes that 2020 can be viewed as a logical outcome of the crisis that had started back in 2008. According to him, the Bitcoin white paper creation in 2009 was an inevitable result of the market crash. The crypto enthusiast is sure that the crisis was just laying low, waiting for the right condition to break all hell loose. 

The unmatched individual sovereignty that Bitcoin offers is a feature that the world needs in the midst of the crisis. Max believes that even gold cannot compare. 

Dream a little dream of dying elite

The widespread panic over covid19 continues his march over the entire planet. A lot of big players on the global scale have either considered taking such preventive measures as quarantine or had already taken it. JPMorgan sent a considerable amount of staff to continue working remotely. However, the executives of the Wall Street banking giant are more confident than ever that even the coronavirus cannot harm such a well-oiled machine as their company. Mr. Jamie Dimon reportedly stated that the company is far from a crisis point. 

The one thing that nobody can accuse Max Keiser of is being shy with his words. He went into great detail, recalling the dream that Jamie Dimon allegedly had that took place at the World Economic Forum. In his vision, the deadly virus had spread among the elite that attended the Forum. He noted that on the bright side coronavirus took down the elite in his dream. 

Notably, he was asked about his stance on Bitcoin two years ago at the World Economic Forum. Even though Jamie has denied allegations of him disliking the digital gold, many crypto enthusiasts did not believe him. Now, it is apparent that Max Keiser is among them. 

Max Keiser went even as far as stating that the minds of Peter Schiff and Jamie Dimon are hacked by the Bitcoin virus. And the latter is just confused it with coronavirus. And pretty soon Mr. Dimon will come knocking on the door of the Federal Reserve.  

It is apparent that digital coins are viewed by enthusiasts and skeptics as a solution to the upcoming problem with mass hysteria over health issues, governmental policies, and quarantine. A lot of people transfer their saving from fiat to cryptocurrency to beat the inflation of the rates.