Crypto’s Problem Needs to Be Resolved

Endy Callahan

Analysts announce that Edge and another famous brand, Ledger Live, belong to the list of companies whose wallets are rather vulnerable and do not resist a new variety of attack. They say the same about BRD but strongly hope that the issue was caused by the cryptocurrency itself.

On Thursday, ZenGo, a famous cryptosecurity company, managed to identify a double-spend action. Representatives report that it was targeting some of the most popular crypto wallets. Research and tests of several companies show that of nine brands there are three cryptocurency wallets that are rather sensitive to the attack due to their high disadvantages and weaknesses. They mention that the issue is typical of Edge and mentioned other firms like Ledger Live along with BRD.

The mentioned brands successfully updated their wallets after their teams received notifications from the cryptosecurity firm. Analysts say that the danger and threat may be very serious and warned the community that thousands of crypto holders were likely to suffer from the issue before it was identified.

Even though the companies did all possible to protect their wallets against attacks, proponents admit that the issues related to vulnerability are inherent to the crypto itself. Actually, BTC is vulnerable by design. Experts admit that this is exactly what makes the crypto so sensitive.

Specialists mention BigSpender that technicians discovered through the mentioned cybersecurity firm and its research project. The group focused on analyzing the crypto’s feature known as RBF. They studied the matter and during the process they noticed and identified the issue.

Issues and Their Effective Solutions

Users might choose to undo transactions that the system is to approve and confirm. To do so, they employ the RBF approach which is a standard measure. Customers then send one more transaction. In that case they spend the same coins, but the fee for it is higher. They can also pick a different destination.

BigSpender targets the vulnerabilities of this method and performs a double-spend procedure. Many participants could view the video which users published last year. When there are zero confirmations, the exploit starts working and functioning.

RBF approach and its technique is actually a special feature that the developer adds to the protocol stage. You experience serious issues if you utilize cryptocurrency. The software can offer certain trade-off. As a result, a much poorer user experience occurs since the system tries to prevent attacks and protect the customer.

This sort of issue will bother the crypto society as long as BTC exists since the issue is inherent and what happens does not correlate with any wallet software. On the other hand, not all participants believe that the risk is high. They think that the language used by the cryptosecurity team matters and all depends on this factor.

There might no real double-spend being carried out. All funds remain safe and secure. However, the display of the received transfer may mislead the user.