Digital Ad Revenues Are Safe and Secure

Annabella Cornelly

Blockchain technologies are some of the most advanced systems that allow all participants of the crypto community to feel well-protected. Developers provide customers with great instruments and tools that people can use to create a safe environment. It’s more than just a useful innovation.

Actually, it transforms and changes the whole industry and impacts the quality of services offered by various teams. We now know that blockchain technology can prevent fraud. Thanks to its special features, the crypto market can assure that there will be no fraud and all digital ad revenues will be totally secure.

Professionals admit that the entire supply chain needs to be fully transparent. Its transparency is the spanner in the works. This is one of the major elements without which digital advertising machines cannot be efficient enough. Luckily, there is blockchain technology than may be the right instrument to reveal its potential.

Recentinformation proves that expenses required for digital advertising are likely to reach a total of three hundred and thirty-five billion USD this year. These statistics look impressive, indeed. Even though this is the current situation, the landscape of digital media is rather uneven and rife. It’s essential to mention that there is a whole range of issues and all of them appear to be the result of a lack of transparency that supply chain misses

All in all, digital ad fraud keeps on growing. Professionals mention that they can offer automated advertising technology. This sort of solution is designed in a way that allows publishers’ sites to perform efficiently power digital advertising. Despite all this, the industry faces serious challenges.

Losses That Look Rather Threatening

What experts point out is the fact that advertisers are losing huge money annually. Analytics companies haveestimated that advertisers lost about forty-two billion USD of advertisement spending all across the world last year.

In 2020, revenue lossesmight increase to more than forty-five billion USD. This will happen due to inefficiencies and losses that the supply chain has been suffering from after the pandemic. In another three years, digital advertisers are expected to lose one hundred billion USD in revenue every year. Solutions leaders and top managers for blockchain and advertising state that blockchain technology can be of help to industries while resolving several major challenges.

They will provide enough transparency and all parties will be able to see where adverts are displayed. Ad agencies have to be able to deliver digital material across numerous media properties. This means that they will supply a great number of delivered impressions. Developers should be ready to create an ecosystem of intermediaries that is vast and complex in its nature. Neutral ledger is the best solution in such cases. It will serve as a platform for identity verification.

Finally, it will be possible to solve issues related to wasted ad spend. Complexities arise due to data management as well as the demand and supply side. On top, there are several additional intermediaries. They, as we know, use their own data for identification. Also, there are special methods they use to resell and purchase advertisement inventory.

The less transparency there is, the more expensive the project becomes. Advertising should be less costly, but at present, advertisers spend up to three percent of each ad dollar on implementation. Digital adverts on websites require twenty-five percent or even more.