Ethereum Platform for Selling Vinyl Records

Colin Baseman

Some of the latest news reports announce that music has already entered the crypto world and has found its niche in a short time. DJ PLS&TY is known for a few creative ideas and projects and one of them is the launch of thirty vinyl records of a limited edition.

All this comes from his freshest EP on a platform focusing on culture as well as art. More than that, what attracts many crypto market specialists’ attention is that the product is based on Ethereum.

Thousands of crypto participants know who Tommy Leas is. Yet, there are hundreds of those who are soon to find out about this popular DJ working under his pseudonym PLS&TY. His main interest is the music industry as a whole, but what draws his attention is electronic dance rhythms. 

It’s important to mention that the latest event feels special not only to the famous DJ but also to his numerous followers and fans. Leas has finally decided to launch a vinyl record. News reports keeping track of the details announce that the record is called ‘Very Special’ and now it can be found on the platform basing on Ethereum.

More than that, the product itself concentrates on many forms of art and different music style. This allows all participants to believe that blockchain technology might be of great us to absolutely all spheres of people’s life. Foundation is the name of the project that Leas launched his project on – it permits musicians and other people dealing with the art and music spheres to sell creations of a limited edition.


Once the platform accepts the project, it prices applicants’ works. No doubt, prices greatly vary and how much the system will price the artist’s piece depends on the demand. It may take quite some time to see users’ interest growing.

Creative Ideas and Collaborations

Professional musicians state that the EP was first released four months ago. Back then, the artist didn’t suspect he would soon start targeting crypto. At the moment, he is trying to target lots of potential crypto holders and blockchain enthusiasts. What he is selling was priced at fifty USD. Crypto market analysts expect the price to keep on growing and this will depend on the growing popularity and increasing demand. On Wednesday, the DJ is going to sell just thirty edited edition vinyl records.

Each of them is already signed by the creator and users can see them on the platform. The product features four tracks from the artist’s newest release. This includes original collaborations with other not less prominent figures. There you’ll see Alex Aiono. The musician was interested in creating something with Sean Kingston. Additionally, there is something from Wifisfuneral and several other known persons.

It’s known that DJ PLS&TY can boast many loyal fans – each of those followers feels willing to obtain one of the thirty intriguing and thrilling vinyls with their favorite pieces. Specialists believe that the records will find lots of buyers hence it is recommended to reserve them in advance. This can be done by purchasing a token. Customers can utilize their DAI or, if need be, the platform can accept direct orders from individuals who wish to make a card payment.

As organizers say, buyers will be allowed to redeem the ‘special’ tokens all around the world. They can perform it in exchange for the physical product as soon as they are prepared for delivery and shipment. Leas is excited about the news and re-tweeted it to let the community know what’s happening in his current career.