Experts Predict the BTC Value Decrease to Zero

Endy Callahan

Investment specialists make predictions and try to warn people about the risks and dangers that they may face in the crypto market. What is going on is not always simple and easy to foresee. Only after a great collapse, can specialists fully research the situation and tell what exactly triggered the failure. This week has been rather disturbing since the major mass media outlets have reported that Jim Rogers is ready to share his opinions and viewpoints regarding the value of BTC.

According to this well-known investment guru, the crypto’s value is likely to fall to zero in the nearest future. He believes that this cryptocurrency is still in a certain bubble. As a result, he wouldn’t be too surprised to see BTC drop to zero. Eventually, this asset may vanish. The majority of market analysts still doubt his predictions and strongly hope that various events and circumstances will positively influence the crypto.

Many think that the mentioned prediction was made three years ago and many things have changed since then – the crypto feels stronger than ever before. Nevertheless, there are several influential leading experts who support Jim Rogers and who are ready to explain how the crypto will vanish, how soon, and what factors will play a key role in the process.

People who have been dealing with the crypto community are aware of this prognosis and some think that not only BTC but other cryptocurrencies will also lose their value and eventually disappear from the market.

Users may strongly believe that their authorities are not as smart as crypto traders. This opinion is only partly true. Actually, our governments might not be as wise as those who use crypto. On the other hand, they have something that traders don’t. Absolutely all governments have guns and, as we all know, if the project is not based on the military and does not support the power, then it eventually dies out.

The Crypto Market as a Gambling Arena

Authoritarian governments may influence the usual course of matters and there might be a certain correlation between the crypto market and the world outside. When the President arranged to put down the rebellion at the beginning of June, the crypto’s price increased more than eight percent.

Next what Rogers notes is that the crypto does not look too trustworthy. His statement was made three years ago, right before the price reached twenty thousand USD. He said that no one had ever heard of any cryptocurrency, and yet this asset suddenly became highly valuable. He calls the entire crypto industry a bubble and just a gambling arena where no one knows the real price and value of the asset they are playing with.

We cannot ignore the opinions of people like Rogers. He is one of the most influential investors in the world and he has gained plenty of experience dealing with many various markets, sellers, and traders. As a specialist, he knows more than an average crypto user and can give good advice regarding financial matters.

There are more people who are as significant as Rogers and whose opinions also matter to the crypto market and traditional market alike. Soros as well as Buffet have their own reasoning and can also comment on the issue. What the participants can do is to follow their recommendations and try to protect themselves from possible failures in the future. Analyze the market, do your own research, and see how trustworthy and reliable cryptocurrencies are and whether you are ready to invest in the crypto community.