Free method of cryptocurrency gaining

David Kemp

Cryptocurrencies offer great opportunities for earning. In addition to traditional mining and participation in the ICO, there are other ways. Recently, many people are paying attention to a free way to get a token - participation in bounty-projects. Let's try to find out about their prospects.

Bounty programs: do they have a future?

In 2019, participation in bounty-programs continues to be an actual way to generate income. The success of their use usually depends on two parameters:

  1. Profitability of the program and the project as a whole
  2. Abilities and activity of a specific user

The amount of remuneration often depends on the complexity of the work performed and the time spent on it. For example, with reposts in social networks, you can get a relatively small number of coins. But programmers who look for errors and modify the code earn a whole lot more.

However, bounty programs allow everyone to earn money. The main thing here is a responsible approach and organization. Cryptocurrency tends to grow in price. Therefore, if you have it on hand, it is better not to sell immediately, but to hold it a little. The article “Cryptocurrency Bounty Programs” describes how to use them in the best way.

Risks of participating in bounty campaigns:

  1. The startup that conducted the bounty may be not able to raise the necessary investment fund during ICO. If a similar situation arises and the user completes all tasks and does not have enough investments, the project may go bankrupt, and users will not receive rewards. Most blockchain projects are unsuccessful or fraudulent. Therefore, it is better to not participate in such bounty campaigns.
  2. Violation of the rules of a bounty program. Each task has a set lead time, after which it is necessary to send a report.You need to track the deadline otherwise the company may simply refuse to pay a fee.
  3. Fraudulent companies. After a successful ICO, they may simply not get in touch. As a result, the bounty program participant also does not receive any reward.

How not to get into the black list of the company owner.

Some users are simply blocked. The following actions can lead to this:

  • Cheating developers. Each task in the bounty-program is carefully checked by moderators. If it is not fully implemented or with violations, no reward will be paid. With repeated repetitions of such situations, the account will be blocked.
  • Creation of multi-accounts. Several bounty programs offer simple tasks for which tokens are awarded. Their feature is a relatively small amount during the day. Therefore, some users register several accounts and work with them. Moderators sometimes check artists by IP address. If multiple accounts are found, all of them may be banned.

So, bounty programs are still profitable and promising. Of course, they must be carefully selected so that it does not turn out that the effort to complete the tasks was wasted. Why don't you do a few assignments on such projects? So you can evaluate their feasibility for yourself and earn at least a small amount of cryptocurrency.