Hard drive mining in details

Endy Callahan

This method is far from the most popular, but it should also be considered among the options. The fact is that components for PCs where you can mine cryptocurrencies are quite expensive, not to speak of ASIC - special devices created for mining. In addition, they can be considered scarce, and mining on the hard drive is one of the most affordable options.

How is mining on the hard drive conducted?

Coin mining using a hard disk is based on the PoC algorithm - Proof of Capacity. In short, the algorithm is based on the use of storage media, and not on computing power. For mining, free disk space is used and, importantly, the more it is, the higher the chances of getting a block reward.

Perhaps the main advantage of this algorithm is that it allows you to use absolutely any hard drives.

How to choose a hard drive?

First of all, the question arises: which manufacturers and models should be preferred to get the maximum benefit from the process of coin mining?

When choosing a hard drive, it is wise to consider value for money. You need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Hard disk space. The more memory the drive has - the better for you. An ideal option would be a 10 TB hard drive, which is what miners use most often.
  • Maximum output. The higher this indicator, the longer the hard drive will live - everything is simple here. Do not forget to pay attention to this indicator, especially if you are building a farm from hard drives.
  • Manufacturer. It is difficult to advise something specific, because the price here will depend on the brand. We can only give you the TOP-3 companies that are popular with miners: Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital. But, again, if you already have a hard drive from another company - it will do.

Pros and cons of mining on your hard drive

The main advantage of this method is accessibility - there is no need to lay a huge budget. Since there is no need for expensive devices, the costs will be relatively small.

Secondly, hard disk mining is the easiest to understand for beginners. The setup is intuitive (there are many guides on the Internet), and special knowledge is not required. In addition, the cost of electricity and cooling will be much less than when using other devices - hard drives have low heat dissipation.

Mining on the hard drive also has its negative aspects, which should not be forgotten. First and foremost, the list of coins that can be mined in this way is very limited.

Cons. You should not expect big rewards straight awayThe relatively short lifespan of hard drives is also upsetting, they quickly fail and require replacement.

Summing up, we can conclude that mining on hard drives brings significantly fewer tokens than on other devices. But you can still mine with them, especially if we are talking about so far young cryptocurrencies. Therefore, this is an effective way to make a profit if there is absolutely no money for a mining farm or cloud mining.