How and why EOS became so popular

David Kemp

The EOS showed the leader tendencies immediately upon its release, which attracted much attention. Soaring rise of the coin is based on the outstanding technical features of the coin and the platform. Read more in our article.

 Even though EOS is relatively new, a lot of cryptocurrencies cannot hold a candle to it. It even entered the TOP-7 in terms of capitalization, and recently occupied the fifth position.Taking into account the current competition in the market, such indicators are impressive. Especially when you consider that the main competitor of the coin is Ethereum. Read more about the coin in the article " What is EOS?". Let's analyze the reasons for popularity.

What helped EOS to achieve success

A constant hunger and search for improvement of the team behind EOS helped it get ahead of more established coins. It is clear that the developers do not treat it like a quick way to make money and bounce. Instead, they are interested in pursuing a long-term path to success. A big chunk of profits is going towards further developing and improvement. EOS is significantly ahead of Ethereum in a number of ways. For example, the speed of EOS transactions exceeds 1200 operations per second, while Ethereum – only 500.

Crypto investors often pay attention to EOS. The platform uses an advanced system of attracting foreign capital: its capabilities are distributed among the participants in proportion to the ownership of EOS tokens. This means that when owning a certain percentage of coins, the user gets the right to dispose of the corresponding share of the project. This expands income opportunities.

The token owner receives:

  • Access to blockchain repositories
  • Dividends from coins
  • Ability to charge for transactions in the system
  • Participation in airdrops - distribution of coins within the network
  • Access to applications that are developed in the system
  • Participation in management

What to expect from EOS in the future?

EOS is not your average coin, it also a platform that allows you to create various projects and has a high speed of transaction processing. This brought the system to a fundamentally new level in the blockchain world. 

When ICO was launched, the token cost $ 1. Now its price is confidently held above $ 4. And the total capitalization is close to $ 4 billion. All of this says that the crypto community believes in the coin.

This type of support makes some experts believe that in the next couple of years the price of EOS will be in the range of 20 to 50 dollars per coin. Such a leap is quite possible. A growing number of projects on the platform is one of the main reasons. Of course, we must remember about the constant competition from Ethereum. On the other hand, it was not an obstacle for EOS coming up the top of the rankings.

Key features of EOS

EOS can boast about the following features: 

  • Support for authentication mechanism
  • Scalability
  • Payment system for blockchain usage
  • Ability to develop new projects
  • Cloud service
  • Formation of blocks in the blockchain based on EOS

 EOS is already a frontrunner and it has not come into its full force yet. The cryptocurrency project was fully launched only in early June 2018. It is one of the first in terms of capitalization and serves as a popular alternative to blockchain. On our portal, you may find lots of relevant and useful information about cryptocurrencies, tokens and blockchain. It will expand your knowledge and help you find suitable areas for investment.