How Is Tim Draper Relates to the Hack?

Endy Callahan

Hacking attacks and scams are rather frequent practices in the modern crypto community. Specialists research such instances and IT experts are trying to create new ways to protect all participants from possible fraudsters. Cybercriminals stay active and employ different methods and approach to steal funds and private information.

Mass media outlets keep the public informed and warn people against hackers who attack high-profile accounts and channels to promote their schemes. Recently, many news agencies have been trying to investigate another case that boggles all crypto holders’ minds.

Many analysts studying the issue state that the famous crypto investor may not be the person who has tried to promote Bitcoin Cash using the popular Twitter services after all.

As we know, there are plenty of well-known venture capitalists across the USA and many crypto participants keep an eye on the latest activities and events in those people’s lives. Tim Draper might be one of the most influential figures in the crypto industry.

As a serial cryptocurrency investor, this person has gained plenty of experience in this sphere and is well aware of what is going on in the crypto world. First, crypto holders might have believed that BTC Cash was promoted by this famous capitalist. After some time, it became clear that Draper may have no connection with the mentioned issue.

Official representatives of the platform state that they suspect a hacker of being responsible for the latest tweet. The criminal used the man’s account and stated that he had recently decided to buy BCH. Additionally, he expressed his gratitude to Roget Ver. Via the same account, the cybercriminal tagged the founder of the official website.


Administrators announce that it was an imposter profile belonging to a fake business person. Nevertheless, the crypto proponent still found it important to thank him for the motivation and good ideas.

Dishonest and Unfair Practices

Illegal activities that hackers practice lead to a serious offence. There are many victims who suffer from hacker attacks and scams – thousands of crypto holders trust their money and agree to take part in various events and giveaways.

Unfortunately, only a few realize that they are dealing with fraudsters and eventually lose funds simply because there is no way to check whether the information on a famous person’s profile is written by the real owner or the account has been hacked and used by scammers.

One such example is the recent event related to Draper’s tweet. Police officers point out that the tweet was removed and, according to specialists, it is clear that the investor’s account had been compromised. Users still remember that Draper made an investment in OpenNode around two years ago. Draper’s team was also informed about the matter and once they found out about this issue, they immediately took all the necessary measures to prevent further problems.

Many participants felt doubtful and skeptical about the purported endorsement of cryptocurrency. It is natural since the investor is one of the most serious BTC bulls and the information that was published is very unlikely to belong to him. Also, Tim has lately stated that he holds plenty of his portfolio in the top-ranked cryptocurrency. That occurred after he decided to quit public stocks and chose the crypto space a year ago.

Billionaire investors tend to believe that the asset might break two hundred and fifty thousand USD in the nearest three years. The real owner of the account hasn’t attempted to post to his messages since the described incident. There is no explanation so far and this is what makes many holders speculate about the BCH tweet.