International Distrust on Consortium Chains

Judy Rubio

China is a rapidly developing country – its territory allows many crypto market analysts to believe that the latest blockchain innovations will first be introduced and implemented across its numerous regions. There are several prominent specialists known all around the crypto community that are prepared to share their viewpoints and opinions regarding the country’s continuous blockchain progress.

Users pay attention to the quality of the blockchain service that this popular network ensures. Critics admit that no matter how perfect the project may look and feel, there will always be some flaws in it and, according to many experts, China’s consortium chains do not seem to be trustworthy enough on an international level.

It’s an established fact that the Chinese government boasts great progress. There are massive enterprises in the blockchain space and what they do impresses the biggest part of the local crypto industry. Nevertheless, professionals may sometimes feel doubtful about the latest changes – they state that all of the mentioned may be of need to perform more than just use and create semi-private or fully private consortium blockchains. Without doing so, it would be impossible to gain trust internationally.

The crypto market community presents a recentinterview where analysts state that actions coming from Chinese entities can help them develop and promote the use of blockchain within the country. However, the best use of this technology advance would include the implementation on an international scale. For this very reason, it may be more challenging for them to deserve the trust of foreign markets to employ private blockchains.

New Ideas Help Resolve Issues

The international context has its own nuances. There are no perfectly trustworthy governments. At the same time, public blockchains can be easily looked upon as something neutral. It would be a crucial decision for the Asian country to keep on working on more public products similar to what the BSN was carrying out through its international part known as BSN International.

Consortium blockchains are right now especially interesting because of the level of security and scalability they can provide for private entities. As many participants know, the latter parties have always been exceptionally conservative in this regard. Many crypto market analysts admit that it is too early to claim that the project is well-thought-out.

We still need to remain patient to see it reveal its whole potential and capabilities. The network may evolve into something new and this requires time. Initial information is not all specialists need to know to form an opinion. Also, it would be too premature to make predictions shortly after the project was released. Similar mistakes were made by people with Libra.