KuCoin Warns Crypto Depositors

Annabella Cornelly

Impersonators have always existed and this is by no means a new trend. These individuals know how to make people believe that they are totally trustworthy and reliable. What they offer makes people hope that this is what they have always been looking for. It’s true that impersonators promise less experienced users some deals they can hardly ever resist.

Any of the crypto owners would love to become richer in a matter of hours or days. Unfortunately, newly registered members get hooked, and then cybercriminals steal their personal information or digital assets. This kind of crime is rather common nowadays and the crypto community is doing all possible to prevent such terrible cases.

The worst thing is that cybercriminals keep on inventing new ways to cheat people. They have special schemes that allow them to look and sound reliable enough for people to start considering investments in this or that sphere. KuCoin is one of the companies that feel responsible for warning all people of an impersonator website.

As executives state, the website offers incentives for people who are prepared to deposit their crypto. Impersonation scams seem to be getting more frequent. They continue to permeate the crypto world and the number of victims is steadily growing.

Thousands of traders and regular users employ the famous cryptocurrency exchange. Mass media outlets inform that KuCoin has issued a warning to participants related to a fraudulent website. Its creators are now using its branding in an attempt to steal cryptocurrency.

Fake Incentives Entice Victims

Several reports state that the mentioned website is currently offering fake incentives. Professionals admit that this is a very usual practice and many scammers use it to entice customers. Their main target is people’s digital currency. Executives of the brand clarified that the address of the website has no connection to the brand. It is not authorized todisplay its trademark since violation of intellectual property is another kind of serious crime.


Warning customers to remain particularly cautious and attentive of this kind of scam, the company announced that it never organizes any sorts of activities outside of the official website. Even if executives decided to do something like this, all users would be informed about it in due time with an official notification.

The address of the fake website is known to authorities. Now officials instruct users not to transfer digital assets to the displayed destination. People who have already done it are advised to contact the police and report the event to authorities. The sooner victims take the right measures, the more chances they have of recovering their losses.

Scams and fraud are just some of the offenses that are widely used on the Internet. Criminals impersonate various people. They also act on behalf of different institutions. No doubt they find a lot of victims within the crypto space. Stealing funds online is a fairly common activity and all crypto holders should stay careful while dealing with websites they hardly know.

All users still remember the most recent Twitter hack attack. Back then, the criminals managed to take over a few accounts belonging to famous people and requested their followers to transfer crypto to receive twice as much.