Liquid Ventures Initiative Release by Blockstream

Colin Baseman

The Blockstream company has started a new initiative meant to unite developers enhancing the Liquid chain and investors dealing with Bitcoin.

The Liquid Ventures Initiative is supported by more than a dozen Bitcoin venture companies along with entrepreneurs. Among these are Nogle, Stillmark, Lemniscap, etc.

The project has now got $5 million from its investors.

Liquid Demo Day involves global engagement

The first event in the context of this initiative Liquid Demo Day was virtually conducted on the eighteenth of May and involved participants from 6 countries, including developers and a variety of startups.

Besides, Blockstream is willing to have startups interested in getting involved in another Liquid Demo Day.

Startups expected to take part in the following event will be given tech assistance as well as operational instruction by the Blockstream's crew, apart from the possibility to present their projects to a number of investors engaged in this program.

These events are to take place every three months, so the next meeting will be conducted in August.