Local Expansion of Crypto Companies in Singapore

Endy Callahan

The local government has adjusted the current law allowing crypto companies to run their businesses across the country. Payments regulations that the authorities introduce will permit global crypto businesses to perform operations. The measures that some banks take are full of different nuances. There is too much challenge and the traditional market along with crypto community foresees what new rules may lead to.

From now on it is possible to carry out digital payments. Legislation allows trading of ETH and BTC. Firms will run their activities under supervision. The representatives will provide greater security. They will also be responsible for control required to prevent illegal activities.  

Singapore has applied measures that make its approach close to that practiced in Japan where there are over twenty licensed and approved exchanges trading on the market.

Activities related to payments will obey new rules. Currently, firms fill out forms to obtain necessary licensing. Some of such applicants are Liquid Group Inc. from Japan and Luno from England. Both are happy to accept the Act and hope that licensing will allow the companies to gain trust and respect.

First Applicants in the Region

There are around fifty leading crypto exchanges. The Asia-Pacific region houses twenty of them. As Chainalysis reports, they account for approximately forty per cent of BTC transfers performed last year between January and July.  Most consider Binance Holding Ltd. as a strong player of the crypto market’s exchanges. The company owns an office in Singapore. It receives backing from Vertex Venture. The latter provides the venture capital and collaborates with Temasek Holdings Pte. It is not yet obvious whether the former is going to apply for a license from the local authorities.

The new system and adjusted laws will provide much stronger protection. The level of security will rise and stimulate customers. It is essential now to promote more confidence so that people could start using crypto and electronic payments. Crypto businesses concentrate on their activities, quality of services they offer and take greater care of safety and security. The new regulations will help the authorities supervise and control the market, introduce the industry to a greater population and make business models more constant.

The community is sure that the crypto market will influence the way in which society adopts crypto currencies. Our times are unique. At the moment, lockdown keeps half of the world’s population in isolation and Singapore is also going through a harsh period. Confinement varies from country to country and we do witness how devastating the crisis is. Fortunately, it cannot prevent the crypto industry from improving and growing. Singapore has already changed a lot in its existing system to promote crypto and make it more popular among the nation.

Some parts of the world are suffering less. However, the crisis is not yet over. Analysts predict a possible recession on a global scale in the future. The market has adopted a few measures to ease the economic risks. At the same time, the current events offer a fantastic opportunity for crypto.