Madrid constructs a data platform to battle

Endy Callahan

One of the hot spots of the fatal epidemic, a group established in Madrid, has produced an Iota Tango decentralized platform that assists in epidemic combat.

Assistance Club

A PTP large data network named GeoDB revenues funds to its inventors, and the operators. CEO and creator of GeoDB, Luis Gelado, discussed at local news his motivation for  AidSquad creation in such words that after staying free for several weeks and feeling bored, he started reflecting that he should do something. They indeed had an opportunity to design somewhat for an existing calamity, return to society.

First, the application gathers a user’s PHR, he enters his discrete details including his gender, age, and symptoms related to the disease, besides, the application also asks for the respondent's locality. The records are kept incognito in the Iota platform. Depending on the collected information, heat maps, which visually demonstrate the growing range of the disease and infection hotspots, can be created.

The mentioned application recompenses consumers and operators for allocating statistics defined as “karma points.” These coins resemble a gadget like the one engaged by Duolingo, even though these tokens are funded to the operator’s preferred benevolent reason. 

The application presently can be installed only within an apk in Android. As stated by Gelado, Google Play and Apple Store for the time being exclude all novel COVID-19 applications for the reason that too many crooked creators were misusing the condition. Nevertheless, he anticipates that the app will be approved in the two markets within some weeks.

Authorities are not doing their job properly

Gelado says that local citizens are disappointed with the administration’s powerlessness in a fight, the increase in the cases of the disease productively and it’s fit for the public to feel the loss.

As he reported, the public is cross with political figures. They say people were deprived of knowledge and awareness and to have the necessary information. Politicians don't make sufficient data available. The developers aimed to design a service that would interchange statistics and facts in an unrestricted way at the same time defending confidentiality. Madrid’s authorities designed certain tools, yet there you need to provide a big amount of private data.

The attractiveness of the decentralized globe is in the fact that a notion initiated in Madrid will possibly help persons throughout the globe comprising the USA that has turned to be the worldwide frontrunner in verified lethal cases of the disease.

The rate of disease spread in Spain

In Spain, the number of victims of deadly disease exceeded four thousand people

As reported by the Ministry of health, the number of victims of the fatal pandemic in Spain has already exceeded 4 thousand people, and 655 people have died over the past day.

The number of detected cases of infection is 56,188 people as of March 26. Since yesterday, another 8,5 thousand patients have been diagnosed. In total, 4,089 people died.

3,7 thousand patients are in serious condition, and just over 7 thousand have recovered. Thus, about 45 thousand cases of infection remain active.

The most difficult situation is still in Madrid (more than 17 thousand identified cases and more than two thousand dead). The situation in Catalonia is getting worse (11,5 thousand people became ill, 672 died). Cases of coronavirus have been recorded in all the Autonomous communities of the country, and there are victims in all of them.

In terms of the number of victims and detected cases of infection, Spain is in second place in Europe after Italy. Spanish authorities on March 14 imposed a 15-day high-alert regime, restricting the movement of people. On March 26, the Parliament extended the quarantine until April 11.