New ideas for profit

David Kemp

The digital technologies development offers a wide variety of tools for making money. Let’s explore the promising blockchain projects and their features. Find out which startup can bring you money.

Many crypto enthusiasts limit their attention only to cryptocurrencies. In fact, this is only one of the applications of the blockchain. The possibilities are limitless. Meet new ideas for a business built on a blockchain system.

1st  idea. Cryptocurrency exchange

There are many platforms for cryptocurrency exchange. They are open source. Therefore, it can be used to build your own platform that will allow you to make a profit in the future. This approach will reduce costs and the amount of work performed.

You need to get a license for the official operation of the exchanger. In the USA, their registration is expensive. Therefore, it is better to register a business in Malta or in another country that has created a comfortable environment for activities.

2nd idea. Cryptocurrency retailer

Giving your clients option to pay with cryptocurrency may let you tap in the whole new market of the buyers from all over the world. A growing number of retailers provide their clients with such option.

Using cryptocurrencies in your business will make it more innovative. Special applications allow you to get a test-run of blockchain-technologies benefits for transactions. If you are interested in income specifically on bitcoin, read the article "How to make money on bitcoin in 2019".

3rd idea. International money transfer

People usually use Western Union when they need to make a money transfer to another countryThe company has fully deserved its reputation for reliability. There are branches in dozens of countries. Its main drawback is large fees. They often exceed 10% of the transfer amount.

Blockchain applications are actively used in the banking industry. They are changing the way money is transferred through minimal fees. Companies like Ripple apply advanced financial technology and implement modern achievements to send money to different countries of the world for everyday needs.

We need professional developers and a good marketing company to develop our platform for transferring international payments based on blockchain. You can read about it in detail in "Blockchain programming" article.

4th idea. Installation of cryptocurrency ATMs

This area is fairly new. It is easy to spot Bank ATMs as they are almost everywhere, unlike cryptocurrency ATMs. The field is just starting to emerge. These ATMs have the same capabilities as traditional ones.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is constantly increasing. Therefore, ATM machines have enormous potential. Cryptocurrency is already accepted on many sites on the Internet and even in some offline stores.

Bloclchain technology is the new player in the financial world, however it has a lot of untapped potential that can be used for YOUR benefit. Don't let ignorance and lack of knowledge stop you. We have considered only 4 promising ideas for business with blockchain. Research them. Perhaps some of these areas will help you to make a breakthrough in blockchain and build a profitable business.