Next-Generation Internet Offers New Opportunities

Colin Baseman

Nowadays there is hardly a single person who wouldn’t have heard of the World Wide Web. People have made the Internet an essential part of their daily lives and now we can perform thousands of various activities through the net. It seems that it’s possible to live your regular life without even leaving your home – your filing, communication with other people, family, and colleagues as well as purchases can be carried out online.

Ordering an item, paying for it, and receiving the package takes hours in some instances while a decade ago it would have lasted for a few days. The fact is that the Internet has reshaped the usual flow of things and has transformed our lives – the changes that have been recently occurring in the industry are definitely positive and the community is looking forward to seeing even greater achievements and more exciting innovations.

Analysts say that next-generation Internet is likely to break up tech giants’ data silos and this is what motivated many specialists to discuss the role of this issue at Unitize.

We do realize that the greatest part of the internet and its entire landscape is under the control and supervision of several tech giants. The list of such oligarchs includes some of the most prominent brands like Facebook. We cannot avoid mentioning Alibaba and Tencent, either.

It’s important to mention that Neo’s founders share this opinion and see that this phenomenon is quite natural. Reporters who participated at the Unitize blockchain conference announce that all of the mentioned brands have split the Internet into several components and afterward created their individual data silos.

Specialists are curious to analyze the situation to understand whether they intentionally apply these data silos to prevent competition. At the same time, this makes analysts think that they are abusing user privacy and this includes both political and commercial purposes. According to many experienced professionals, this needs to change soon.

Greater Opportunities for Innovators

Creating a fresh background for internet infrastructure is essential – the system should focus on customers and be user-centric. More than that, they hope to found a decentralized infrastructure that, in turn, will help curb many issues. Crypto experts, engineers, and technologists are ready to explain and describe the most basic characteristics and features of the new internet infrastructure,

All in all, it would be modular and each user would be able to create a part of it. Then, each element would be integrated together, creating even a greater application. Additionally, developers say the system should be opt-in – this would be the very first step toward interoperability.

All of the mentioned features would permit users to choose the applications they desire to employ and the requirements they would be ready to submit to while performing business. Another aspect of utmost importance is interoperability. This feature can help many internet applications communicate with each other.

Moreover, if the market is ready to welcome free innovation on the new Internet, it needs to stay adaptable as well as permissionless. Finally, many experts admit that what developers can offer will provide greater business opportunities for innovative individuals – specialists will create a more advanced infrastructure for privacy. Also, they would build an application for numerous enterprise purposes and adoption.