Nicolas Maduro was threatened with life imprisonment

David Kemp

The US is seeking the arrest of Venezuela’s President on drug trafficking charges

For the second time in its history, the US authorities have charged the current head of a foreign government, Nicolas Maduro the President of Venezuela, with a serious criminal offense. The US authorities accuse Mr. Maduro (who, however, has long been recognized as a legitimate leader) of "direct participation in the drug trade" and seeking to "flood the US with cocaine." For information that will lead to an arrest of Nicolas Maduro that Washington is ready to give a $15 million reward to the accused who face life-sentence imprisonment.

The extensive indictments against the head of state Maduro with the other 14 executives of Venezuela are mainly targeted at ceasing a suspected multibillion-dollar drug trafficking ring that has caused havoc for more than 20 years on the American public as the Justice Department claimed. It supposedly involved Colombian rioters, cocaine dealers, and drug-terrorism.

Joselit Ramirez Camacho, age 33, a Crypto superintendent of Venezuela, was charged in an action in the Southern District part of New York. 

Acting EAD of (HSI)  Alysa D. Erichs stated in the accusation associated press report, the conspirator group used digital assets to cover their suspected crimes. In her words, she noted that the current statement accentuates HSI’s universal reach and guarantees to ferociously detect, aim and scrutinize entities that violate U.S. regulations, exploit economic schemes, then conceal behind the digital market to promote their unlawful illegal actions. She added that this indictment will be a notice that not a single person can go above the regulation - not even influential governmental representatives.

The type of virtual currency involved in the crime is not indicated in the release. Nevertheless, the state especially preserves an oil-backed crypto-asset named Petro. The country's National Controller regulates that project Sunacrip for Digital Assets and Interrelated Activities. The head of Sunacrip is Ramirez Camacho.

Reward to catch lawbreakers who tapped crypto to hide illegal drug running transactions

He reported that for the ex-president Maduro, the American authorities publicized a reward of $ 15 million, as well as 10 million dollars for the remaining lawbreakers.

The indicted individuals include the former head Venezuela’s military intelligence, Hugo Carvajal, the head of the state constituent Assembly Cabello, the Vice President of the country Tarek El Aissami, and the retired major General Cordones.

Alysa D. stated that by holding most important positions in the supervision of the Maduro rule, the mentioned entities undermined community confidence by assisting drug supply from the state, counting controlling airplanes passing from an airbase of Venezuela, in addition to controlling routes for narcotics delivery via Venezuelan seaports.

Attorney General Barr explained on Thursday the official position of Washington that they do not identify Maduro as Venezuela’s President. To remind, Noriega was charged under similar circumstances, since they did not accept Noriega as the Panama President.

To recall, China, Russia, and several countries recognize the leader Nicolas Maduro as lawful Venezuela President, but the US and the vast majority of other Western states consider Juan Guido the opposition leader, the president. He declared himself to be interim President on January 23, 2019, after which he quickly gained the support of the leadership of about 60 countries throughout the globe. However, he has not been able to achieve any real power in Venezuela since then.