OmiseGO (OMG): overview, course and analytics

Endy Callahan

The OmiseGO developers set a rather ambitious goal. They aim to create a unified centralized system that would make exchanging various cryptocurrencies and traditional money issued by Central Banks possible. At the same time, the service set minimum fees and performs transactions almost immediately. The OmiseGO token is based on the Ethereum blockchain with special add-ons and smart contracts.

OmiseGO course change 

Right after listing on the rate of OMG was only 55 cent per coin. The current rate hovers around $1 with the total market capitalization of 135 million dollars. The volume of Daily Sales transactions is about 70 million dollars (according to official data).

In January 2018, many cryptocurrencies saw their historical highs update and OmiseGO was in the overall trend as well. That time the coins could be sold for $20.75.  As a result, the profits from investing in OmiseGo reached 3800% within just half a year!

OMG token key features

The coin is unique in several ways. The following features are considered to be most attractive for the coin’s investors:

  • P2P transactions security. Is reached due to full network decentralization.
  • Transactions high speed. Developers use the Plasma architecture, which helps perform up to a billion operations per second.
  • Minimum transaction fees. The transaction fee is a rather small one.
  • PoS Method. Transactions are confirmed by PoS technology. The miners’ reward depends on the amount of coins in their accounts.
  • Availability. Any user can create a wallet in the system. It may be used for exchanging both: Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat money of other countries.
  • Software for White-label wallets registration. Even beginners do not face any issues when creating their own wallet.

OmiseGO perspectives

For the last few years OmiseGO tends to be an attractive investment. The core advantages of the project are its idea, implementation method and developed community. The coin’s developers proved they are taking it seriously by successfully implementing their plans in time. Therefore, the roadmap tasks look realistic.

Many cryptanalyses believe in project’s success. Vitalik Buterin is one of its advisors. Besides, the platform has serious strategic investors supporting it. All this makes the coin more trustworthy.

OmiseGO has a really good potential to further development and price increase. This is not a pie in the sky – there are advanced technologies providing payment and exchange convenience staying behind the project. It is reasonable to take advantage of compressed state of the market by making reasonable purchases. You may as well try making a small investment by purchasing OmiseGO. Your expenses would definitely be covered by your profits in future. Perhaps you could even get thousand percent profits.