Payers Greatly Benefit from Tokenization

Colin Baseman

Tokenization is an interesting process and phenomenon that can change a lot in several major industries. It has already entered many spheres and businesses and, thanks to this innovation, people can fully benefit from modern technologies since they gain access to even greater opportunities

The gaming industry is a curious sector and it is full of people who are willing to adopt various methods and approaches to make the entire space keep on flourishing and blooming. Competition makes gaming continue to move ahead and adjust itself to the newly offered circumstances.

Specialists predict that tokenization is likely to empower all players and let them see what hides beyond the visible frontiers. Luckily, the gaming industry seems to be fully prepared to implement the most advanced blockchain technologies. What many crypto market analysts see is that that this step will inevitably disrupt and reshape its current investment ecosystem which is now closed.

Even though the entire planet has gone through the pandemic and is still trying to recover after the disease and its consequences, the majority of people understand that the gaming industry has also suffered and is now striving to survive.

At the same time, the lockdown period might have served as a positive change for the gaming space since it made people stay at home and, instead of enjoying the most regular outdoor activities, people started playing video games much more frequently. In fact, video game sales have significantly increased in the past few months.

Blockchain technology is widely used in various spheres and its uses might be far way more glamorous than those applied in the gaming industry. However, this sphere has also plenty of advantages and asset tokenization may be quite a beneficial and rewarding practice. Tokenization, as many analysts claim, can expose the industry to a totally new spectrum of investors. At the same time, it will unlock a whole range of opportunities for the planet’s gamers whose number will soon approach three billion.

Where Does the Industry Find Sponsors?

Professionals also mention the importance of tokenizes teams along with sponsorships. One year ago, Socios offered tokenization to OG, an esports team. The process yielded Fan Tokens – according to the holders, they can sell and buy them via the Socios platform and its marketplace. OG, in turn, rewards participants and lets them earn.

This way of utilizing blockchain technology might not feel perfect, yet it proved that there are ways to benefit from the deal. It’s possible that teams, sponsorships, and contracts will need to be tokenized, too. After that, those assets will be sold or bought and this will offer the gaming industry a greater variety of investors.

More than that, it will bring fans much closer to the teams they are interested in. Experts say that blockchain technology will allow people to own certain teams in the future. Thanks to the system and its special features, participants would tokenize their potential winnings. Also, in return, they get an upfront payment.

This type of investment is new and different from those employed in the past. No doubt, esports teams would lead us to additional sources of revenue. P2P transfers will permit participants to deal with each other without intermediaries and lawyers. Finally, the new system will be fully transparent and clear.