Platform Joins the Council and Makes Changes

Judy Rubio

The mass media outlets admit that modern technologies are going to play a very important role and influence Sensorium the famous facility that is powered by VR.  The brand has finally joined GBBC. Their collaboration may be productive this decision might become a new step towards numerous projects.

The team serves as a platform offering and powered by VR. Finally, the company has recently announced that their team has become part of GBBC. The latter is a non-profit project. Blockchain is its priority. Its headquarters is located in Switzerland.

The platform’s representatives will take part in the Council’s forum planned for the end of May. Experts expect that during the meeting, the company’s representatives will discuss important aspects and try to foresee the possible changes. In the nearest future what the company is working on may transform the way people interact on the Internet.

The press has had a long conversation with GBBC and discussed the opportunities that VR and social media can open. Also, the reporters wanted to find out what role blockchain technology plays in the project’s future.

DLT Protection of Users Content

The majority of companies agree on the importance of security. It is essential to protect copyright and take better care of user content. The Council’s representatives announced that the partnership of the brand representing social media and its vision on VR has already started to grow and develop. For instance, Facebook and a few other leading platforms can now provide people with new opportunities to share what they own.

If we consider the mentioned context, we will see that blockchain technology is going to influence the course of things. It will help to form digital assets. Afterward, it will lead to a new virtual economy for online users. The company’s representatives noted that there are even more advantages and announced that the market can use blockchain technology as a protection instrument. This is a great tool we can use to protect copyright. It will preserve ownership. More than that, modern technology has features that are useful for advertisement – it can build up new patterns and models. If the real world has done it, it means that the virtual world can do the same and even excel.

Identity Theft and How Blockchain Can Prevent It

Experts believe that the industry can prevent identity theft – this issue is very frequent on social media. The firm’s representatives admitted that the pluses are obvious and technology can significantly improve security. Thanks to DLT, now it is simpler to accomplish. Fake profiles and accounts will no longer exist since the system will require users’ verification. The firm also revealed that the system will use technology to carry out payments for created content. The team is willing to engage the major policymakers and they would do it through the Council. Being the Council’s member, the company will take part in numerous activities trying to educate and inform business leaders. They will introduce their ideas to policymakers. The program involves regulators and other officials. Their mission is to explain why blockchain technology might be of great use to them in the future.

The two partners have just started to work and organized the Council’s flagship event. It is reported that Sensorium’s representatives participated in Blockchain Central Davos, too. The team decided to finish the event demonstrating a demo of the brand’s VR platform. They invited Matthew William Sorum to present his performance, which made the entire event look and feel even more stunning. As we all know, Matt Sorum is a former member of the hard rock band called Guns N’ Roses.