Recent Post-Halving Increase of Bitcoin

Endy Callahan

SBI has recently experiences a rise after another halving. It reaches 15.28%. The very first halving was in the first decade of April.

COinDance, a site that reports the latest crypto data, announced that SBI Crypto is one of the crypto companies that held about 4.4% - the percentage is of the total shares of BSV the previous week. Some were surprised to see these numbers rise to as high as 15.28% just three days after the primary halving.

BCH had their halving event a bit earlier, on April 8. It was followed by BSV’s halving. Another month passes and we’ll witness Bitcoin’s halving. It is planned for May 11-13.

Craig Wright and His Backing of BSV

We know that SBI Holding can boast strong ties to Craig Wrights. Yoshitaka Kitao is proud of being in good relationships with Wright and appreciates his backing he provides to BSV. In 2018, however, the CEO of SBI Holding criticized BSV’s attempts to hard-fork from BCH. He described it as a useless split that may inevitably make some of the strongest investors give up and leave.

Enforcement of Japanese Crypto Laws

It is expected that in the very nearest future the market will experience another change and transformation. The press reports that in Japan new and adjusted crypto laws will go through enforcement next month. The fact is that SBI Holdings has expressed great interest and is willing to give digital currencies a try. The company has been considering crypto for a few months. More than that, we now know that the firm’s crypto exchange, that is registered, will soon have to face and accept a number of regulatory changes and challenges.

Newly established laws may not be very easy to adapt to at first – all sorts of changes feel unusual and awkward. They may bring more limitations, restrictions, and control over the market. On the other hand, laws protect participants and all those dealing with cryptocurrencies, provide them with safety and security that successful trading cannot exist without. Despite all this, the market is already starting to intensively enforce new laws, and regulations for cryptocurrencies are already reshaping. In another two weeks, most regulations will fully come into effect. The latest regulations have been approved by the Japanese authorities. There were two pieces that legislation reviewed. First, the House of Representatives adjusted and revised the Payment Services Act. The other piece they issued was the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, which was also revised and approved by the government.