Shilling Altcoins upon Taking Crypto

Annabella Cornelly

Some of the current events make the crypto community wonder what it is exactly that pushes some leading corporations and companies take some certain steps. As a matter of fact, most of what crypto enthusiasts witness may change the situation either for the better or for the worse, and how successful it will turn out depends on the strategies and tactics of the people involved in the process. Skeptics keep asking if the Winklevoss are the people who have managed to create a threatening monster and whether they did it intentionally or not.

Dave Portnoy has actively been educating himself trying to find as much as possible about the crypto community and blockchain technologies. The famous founder of a well-known brand seems to be prepared to promote different crypto schemes by offering shilling several varieties of altcoins.

The man has already posted plenty of video materials on his Twitter account. There he states that he had managed to find a totally new altcoin. He admits that the novelty caught his eye and raised plenty of interest. On the other hand, Dave does not feel ready to reveal which coin exactly has impressed him this much.

When asked why he keeps this information secret, he explained that he does not feel like letting people purchase the asset before he does. Additionally, the founder tweeted that he had to diversify part of his cryptocurrency holdings and turn his assets into the Orchid altcoin. According to Portnoy and several other investors, this altcoin may be referred to as one of the coins that will never ‘die’.

Loud Words That Sound Misleading

There were many other points and essential aspects that Dave wished to analyze and discuss with the representatives of the crypto community. For instance, crypto pumps and dumps might be of great interest to him as well. He says that this is what he is ready to do and that would last for quite some time.

Other crypto influencers who are famous for their analyses warn crypto enthusiasts to be cautious and very careful with the words they receive from Portnoy. In fact, Dave might not be very well aware of the current situation and his viewpoint feels misleading. Being well-informed is the main thing while dealing with cryptocurrencies and Dave is not the most advanced participant in this regard.

Recent news reports state that the founder has finally uploaded a video of his meeting with the Winklevoss brothers. It is believed that the founders of one of the most popular exchanges could have taught Portnoy some nuances. Being brave is one thing, but when it comes to the investment sector, intuition and basic knowledge might not be enough to become successful.

Wall Street Journal,

Also, crypto leaders who have achieved impressive results have made their share of serious mistakes that have taught them good lessons. It is impossible to gain experience without meeting failures from time to time. More than that, investors who are ready to give up on their ideas and dreams right after their very first failure will never become as influential and powerful as they wish to be.

Gemini's creators might be the right people and they can explain some of the things less experienced users know of. They do know how to make complicated things feel less difficult for general understanding. All in all, newly developed projects and schemes require education. Sharing skills and ideas is one of the points every investor should keep in mind before he starts selling or trading cryptocurrencies.