Stormy Romance with BTC Tycoon and a Sad Finale

Endy Callahan

An Australian court has charged a 23-year-old lady with accusations related to her link with an anonymous Bitcoin tycoon.

A story about a relationship between a young woman and BTC magnate creates headlines in the Australian mass media. It is a tale about love, crime, and drugs that ended in a court case in Queensland in the Maroochydore district court.

As said by the source Sunshine Coast Daily, on Wednesday  23-year-old Kaori Celine Nakase pleaded guilty of defeating the course of justice to two counts, two counts of ownership of property allegedly the drug-related crime product, and one count of driving with an illegal drug in her system.

Bitcoin tycoon earned almost $ 10 million

In line with this story, Kaori Nakase was in a narcotics rehabilitation center. It was precisely where the woman met an unidentified BTC millionaire, a man who supposedly earned $ 10 million in digital currency.

The court said that back in October last year, she got $ 637,000 from him to purchase a Lamborghini that police confiscated for driving at increased speed and positive testing for a drug called methamphetamine.

The couple then purchased a property in Pimpama for $ 745,000, and then the woman said that this house was purchased with proceeds from drug trafficking.

Kaori Celine Nakase has accused a crypto millionaire of forcing her to start abusing such drugs as methamphetamine and ritalin.

Apparent drug trading

The woman's lawyer, Martin Longhurst, clarified to the court the supposed source of the man's funds:

"It's sensible to suspect that the resources, in fact, invested in Bitcoin were possibly derived in the first place from drugs, and it was merely stupid luck. He possibly used crypto assets to hide the cash. BTC has soared by many thousand percent in the exchange market."

Judge Gary Long found Nakase defenseless, assuming that the millionaire made use of her condition. The magistrate gave her a three-year probation period, instead of deciding whether to detain her.

To note, there was one more such a vague story connected to cryptocurrency, money, and ransom.

On April 28, it was announced that Norwegian policealleged tycoon Tom Hagen of killing his missing wife, inquiring about a note demanding a $ 10 million ransom.

Norwegian magnate Tom Hagen alleged of murder

The Norwegian police department detained tycoon Tom Hagen in relation to the vanishing of his wife a year and a half ago. The 70-year-old tycoon was suspected of her conspiracy to murder or murder.

In October 2018, his wife, Anna-Elisabeth Hagen, was kidnapped for ransom allegedly.

However, it was later concluded that the ransom demand was a fake. The person herself has not been seen since. In all likelihood, Anna-Elizabeth was simply murdered.

At the end of April, Tom Hagen was put under arrest near his home in the suburbs of Oslo.

Initially, the Hagen family claimed that they were held for ransom for the release of Anna-Elizabeth. Local journalists even called the amount of 10 million dollars in the Monero digital currency.

However, as Tommy Breske, police department inspector, stated at a press symposium, no kidnapping took place, no extortion occurred, but there were all signs of attempts to throw the research off the track.

Before arrest, for a month he has been under investigation, but officially was not indicted. Hagen's lawyer also did not make any statements.

Eventually, at the beginning of May Norwegian court ruled that the tycoon Tom Hagen must be released, a week after he was detained on of murder suspects, or involvement in his wife’s murder.

This story has greatly stirred the whole of Norway, where any type of kidnappings and murders are rare. In line with the local business publication Kapital, Tom Hagen's wealth is estimated at $ 200 million.

These two crimes are closely related to cryptocurrency, and this type of offense is becoming more common.