Strike App Encourages Adoption of BTC

Endy Callahan

One of the most progressive brands has recently offered its fans the opportunity to connect Bitcoin and Lightning systems. These two networks will be linked directly to a debit card or bank account.

This sort of innovation hasn’t gone unnoticed and dozens of mass media sources announced the news and informed all users about the newest feature they will be able to use in the nearest future. According to experts, this app from Strike can encourage the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and show the public why it may be of great use to them.

Zap Lightning Wallet was created and developed by Jack Mallers. The founder announced the news and invited all users to sample and rate his new project. The innovation is good for people who own iPhones. Also, you can try it out if you have Android or Chrome. The new app allows people to transfer BTC and perform payments via Lightning Network directly from and to their existing bank accounts.

Strike, according to the developers, has already begun the public version of its beta phase. This version enables interaction with the protocols that the crypto and the network use. This does not require channels or wallets. The app allows transfers regardless of whitepapers or liquidity. At the same time, the system keeps the KYC protocols to a bare minimum.

Great Achievements to Change People’s Lives

The main mission of the team is to encourage people to adopt the cryptocurrency and make it part of their daily life. According to many professionals, the mainstream adoption of BTC is what the industry might need at the moment. Zap, as many users know, is considered to be one of the first desktop wallets. This is what makes the features offered by Lightning Network much more available and accessible thanks to the interfaces and user-friendly navigation.

Strike’s monthly activity while in private BETA

Moreover, approximately a year ago, the mass media outlets informed that Mallers was fully prepared to develop a new platform. His new project focused on special features that offered instant purchases via Lightning Network using debit cards and BTC as its main currency. Strike is the result of that project. It’s important to mention that what we have now goes far beyond its original idea.

Strike is good for purchases and people can use their crypto to pay for items using their bank accounts or debit cards. What makes it more useful is the fact that the application is great when you need to perform personal payments or remittances. No doubt, the system accepts micropayments as well as purchases that users usually perform either offline or online.

The application comes with a social media profile known as There, users can accept free payments. Thanks to an online QR code, they can perform these operations from any corner of the globe. The application receives payments, transfers them and, at the same time, the funds are converted into fiat currency.

Safety is one of the main issues and the team is willing to do all possible to meet regulations. However, they do admit that it’s necessary to reduce the procedures related to AML and KYC. Strict measures put potential customers off, hence the company has met educating regulators as well as experienced lawyers to discuss various options and alternatives.