Thousands of French Restaurants Accept Bitcoin

David Kemp

Modern technologies and their advances keep on entering various industries. More and more spheres admit that they often cater to people who prefer to make payments utilizing cryptocurrencies. As professionals announce, the price of the top-ranked cryptocurrency tends to depend on several aspects and mainly on its current price on Bitpay  - what the service indicates matters in this instance. Also, much of this all depends on the delivery platform.

British customers usually opt for Just Eat when they look for food order and delivery service available on the web. This platform caters to people from thirteen countries. Since the number of users is constantly increasing, developers have finally decided to add cryptocurrency.

According to executives, crypto support will help the brand attract more potential clients. Their major goal is to equip the platform with some of the most useful features and let people enjoy a whole bunch of options. The company’s France subsidiary can now offer the public what they have been looking for and that is the crypto payment feature.

It’s important to mention that the team has established a partnership with Bitpay – the latter focuses on crypto payments and offers solutions that allow customers to pay in digital money. App’s users can now order their favorite dishes from around fifteen thousand restaurants across France. They will utilize cryptocurrencies to pay for orders.

Specifics and Characteristics of the App

The news was reported and warmly applauded by all customers who choose crypto as their preferred payment method. Hundreds of crypto users have already tried out the new option and evaluated the platform’s features. Apparently, the latest addition of cryptocurrency payments is likely to come right after the acquisition by that the service has recently received. Other platforms it partnered with have been offering crypto payments in BTC for the past three years.

Furthermore, the official website of the platform presents more detailed information about payment procedures and processes. Executives say that the potential users of the app will need to create an e-wallet first. This can be done by downloading and installing special software. Once the system links the application or installed software to the service, people will be able to choose the ‘payment in crypto’ option. Customers who decide to check out will be redirected and asked to employ the payment portal created by Bitpay.

All customers should bear in mind that the price will vary and cannot be fixed. The system will calculate it taking into consideration several major aspects. These include the current price. People will need to refer to Bitpay to see the current data. Also, another great advantage is that people using the delivery platform will not pay any transaction fees so all payments in crypto will be free of charge.

There are a few other features that make the application even more convenient. For example, it is possible for a user to cancel an order that he or she paid for using crypto. In this case, the system will make a refund and the customer will receive his paid amount in euros. For this purpose, the platform will request the customer’s bank account where the money will be sent.

Convenience and comfort make platforms keep on evolving into more advanced systems. Customers expect to see more special features and options while making payments, purchasing items, or services. Cryptocurrency is one of the major triggers that push research groups and developers to create new ways to meet all potential clients’ requirements and expectations.