Tokenized Metal with Stunning Features

Endy Callahan

Recently, all news agencies have reported about a crypto consortium that involved some of the leading brands. The group consisted of Uphold and Ledger. Some of the major participants are CertiK and Bittrex Global. As official representatives announce, the mentioned consortium has decided to launch a gold token that is backed by the industry’s greatest refiner of freshly minted metal.

A consortium of crypto firms has comprised the four mentioned participants. Also, the group is known as The Universal Protocol Alliance that has established a token that received backing Perth Mint – the government-owned institution located in Western Australia.

As information suggests, the newest tokens are dubbed ‘Universal Gold’. They are also abbreviated as UPXAU and all individuals interested in purchasing these assets can already perform it on Uphold. More than that, the partners are happy to announce that buyers can spend their assets employing the company’s debit card. On top, there is an offer for investors willing to purchase these tokens.

Currently, they can buy the asset from one USD and there are no investment restrictions or limitations. At the same time, crypto market analysts admit that mainstream gold products are different in many ways. As a rule, they have some certain custody fees participants have to pay on a monthly basis.

Luckily, all people owning and holding the new type of asset token can do so free of charge. On Thursday, the mass media outlets announced that the new token boasts special features that investors won’t resist.

No Holding Costs and Great Spendability

All crypto enthusiasts have been looking forward to seeing a token that would have outstanding spendability. Most of such participants would be interested in purchasing an asset that boasts zero holding costs.

More than that, the majority of those who will purchase the new token will want to obtain guarantees from the government. It’s quite a positive step forward toward greater changes. Many companies are ready to be part of the process and Perth Mint is one of the brands that found it essential to back the so-called ‘Universal Gold’.

Official representatives state that the project they are involved in has been in process for a long time. They also note that the Alliance’s most significant investors are likely to turn into prominent ‘goldbugs’. Their numerous partners support the team and claim that the brand is the most powerful refiner of new gold on the planet and, which is not less important, it is owned by the Australian government.

This factor ensures that all the assets it keeps in a similar way the committee guarantees that the U.S. native currency held in banks across the USA is safe and secure. Specialists approve the fact that the firm does not charge any custody fee.

On top, it is technologically highly advanced and beneficial. The group has been collaborating with another serious provider of prominent gold and their partnership has been lasting for the past six years. However, what Perth Mint can offer is absolutely outstanding and innovative.