TOP 10 crypto world news for September 14, 2020

Annabella Cornelly

An Abrupt Fall in BTC’s Price

The top-ranked cryptocurrency’s price falls by three percent. At the same time, the recent on-chain data illustrates that miners are prepared to sell their assets in exchanges one more time. Professionals claim that most participants keep on applying high selling pressure on the crypto. It’s interesting to note that what traders believe about the situation feels optimistic yet cautious.

The Pandemic Motivates BTC Whales

The most recent events prove that the post-pandemic crisis has significantly emboldened crypto whales. On the other hand, the issue has managed to shake out hundreds of retail investors. Specialists refer all to the newest research delivered by OKEx Insights. Almost the same view is shared by Catallist. Both state that investors are taking a break to adjust their strategies.

The Major Five Cryptos of the Previous Few Days

LINK and YFI are some of the cryptocurrencies that investors studied last week. The others are NEO and BNB. Of not less interest became BTC – the latter remains stuck in a relatively tight range. However, several altcoins can start climbing up if they manage to finally bounce off their key support zone. Mainstream participants feel rather skeptical of BTC and the entire ecosystem.

BTC Hardware Requires Improvement for Challenging Transfers

Experts believe that it’s high time developers started working on hardware devices that can simplify routine.  Complex transactions are comparatively challenging for the currently used systems. One of the research teams has released a test result. Professionals report that the latest innovation will be able to handle larger and more difficult transactions.

Binance Is Prepared for New DeFi Projects

Executives of the famous service announced that their team is fully ready to accept more DeFi projects that are based on Ethereum.  The platform will welcome them and visibly reduce the load they have on the network at present. All this will inevitably lead to a great reduction in gas fees required by the company. Super high risks occur due to short-term gains; hence smart contract creators will gain more options.

Diversification Rather Than Short-Term Gains

There are plenty of facts that prove that the DeFi space is full of opportunities, and yet the sector may feel risky. The exponential growth of the FeFi sphere led to nine billion USD worth of crypto assets locked in its protocols. Only then crypto prices began falling. Professionals warn crypto holders claiming that chasing short-term gains is not what they should consider. Right now, diversification is the direction that holders should look into.

Space Race Shows Its Second Phase

Filecoin is willing to unveil and show some more details related to the second phase of the popular mainnet. More testing is required – currently, all miners can take part in the process and help prepare the service. Executives claim that their team has finally decided to allow all miners to see the group conduct the second phase. Their mission is to create a proper economic stimulation and promote suitable markets.

The Game Changes Thanks to New Technology

Institutions are eager to adopt DLT and digital assets. This serves as a serious signal proving that a new model for trading is about to emerge. This is especially important when stocks move up. The global financial system is tightly related to this matter. Today’s infrastructure is old and needs improvements to be ready for real-time connectivity. Major players along with institutions will soon break down these barriers.

China’s CBDC Receives Stimulation

The BSN infrastructure, according to major industry players, is capable of providing proper stimulation to the country’s CBDC. It’s highly motivating to consider launching a CBDC – that’s the first step toward the domination of the digital commerce landscape. Also, the economy needs it to be well-prepared for the future. The decision is essential while reaching the scale and adoption for retail users and ensuring an impressive ecosystem growth.

Enterprise Blockchain Is Getting Even Stronger

The adoption of cryptocurrencies by enterprises might become a self-perpetuating system. This mechanism will serve for public blockchains. Professionals admit that this will help the industry to create strong and much bigger networks. On the other hand, compliance is one of the considerations that are typically overlooked. The question is whether the crypto industry’s compliance fit for the mentioned purpose.