TOP 10 crypto world news for September 15, 2020

Colin Baseman

DeFi Requires over 1 Billion USD in BTC 

More than one billion USD in the top-ranked cryptocurrency has finally been tokenized for decentralized finance. Approximately one hundred thousand BTC are reportedly tokenized on Ethereum. According to the most recent data, over fifty percent of the asset migrated in the past four weeks. This all will make it possible to gain access to DeFi protocols on the ETH network.

 Private Jets Available for BTC Whales

A Bitcoin whale will now be able to purchase a private jet – one such vehicle might come at a cost exceeding three thousand seven hundred and fifty BTC. The air industry specialists claim that a private aircraft corporation is now willing to sell multi-million dollar machines for the top-ranked cryptocurrency.  The company accepts crypto as a payment method for all business jet purchases.

Wealth Storage Shifts Predicted by Cramer 

Host Jim Cramer has shared his opinion related to the current shift occurring across the crypto space. According to him, there will be a shift in generational wealth storage. The Mad Money Show describes transforming mindsets among people of different generations as they choose to focus on wealth storage. In the future, people might not feel secure with gold. 

Largest Banks face Losses during the Pandemic

Banks used to have a market cap exceeding that of the top-ranked cryptocurrency. However, that was all before the pandemic. Since the outbreak, the world’s fourteen largest financial institutions have lost over six hundred and thirty-five billion USD in mcap. That’s over three times the current mcap of BTC and double of all cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the crypto has gained sixty-two billion USD over the same period. 

ETH Wallet Owners Receive Notifications from DApps

One of the Indian startups is going to modernize DApps as well as DeFi services and make them more suitable for the existing users. A DeFi notification protocol allows DApps to send notifications to users holding ETH wallets. The team was triggered by the striking similarities they detected between how apps operated at the very start and how they function on Web 3.0.

A Darknet Market in Eastern Europe

One of the six largest cryptocurrency services appeared to be a darknet market operating across Eastern Europe. The region is responsible for the high volume of ransomware and darknet activity than any other area. Experts announce that the platform controls the anonymous free market comprising Eastern Europe’s sixth-biggest crypto service. 

Traders Claim That YFI May Top 50K USD

According to some of the leading cryptocurrency traders, YFI is likely to top fifty thousand USD. Participants state that the DeFi sector growth will inevitably push the asset’s price to fifty thousand USD in the nearest future. Recently, YFI’s price has grown by more than one hundred percent in the past week. Specialists are trying to find out what might be behind this surge.

DAML smart Contracts Links BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is now capable of connecting to some of the top stock exchanges. This has become possible thanks to the DAML smart contracts. According to professionals, the language is gaining popularity, which helps various services to establish partnerships using the smart contracts that are based on DAML. The new apps will bridge BNP services with major stock exchanges. 

$SAND as the Only Option to Purchase Land

It is now possible to buy LAND only if you can pay for it in $Sand. Recent data proves that over one million USD of LAND has already been sold and The Sandbox is fully prepared for its final presale. Next, there will be a public round in the nearest three months. All LAND available on the platform will be purchased for $SAND – this token will become the main utility asset of the service.

Global DeFi Alliance Accepts Ten New Participants

Curve Finance is one of the ten newly accepted parties that have decided to join the alliance. There we’ll see Aave and Synthetix. The consortium has accepted new participants and now it consists of fifteen parties. The main mission of the group is to explore numerous partnership opportunities. They will also promote the development of the ecosystem that the DeFi sector exists in. Projects from the Western and Eastern parts will become the group’s priority.