TOP 10 crypto world news for September 24, 2020

Colin Baseman

Testing Digital Money for Credit Cards in China

PBoC is going to carry out a test – the country wished the digital currency to serve as a payment method via credit cards. Authorities are running a pilot project – their major mission is to see how efficient the digital yuan is for card payments. If everything proves to be correct, the nation will be able to perform all kinds of money operations using the e-money. Researchers started to work on this matter five years ago and have so far achieved outstanding results.

What Secrets Are There in Draper’s Portfolio?

It’s curious for all crypto holders to find out what sorts of secrets BTC bulls might have in their portfolios. One of the most prominent bulls, Tim Draper, is prepared to reveal his nuances and to tell more about his altcoin portfolio. According to specialists, Draper has a huge number of assets besides the thirty thousand BTC he already owns. Besides the top-ranked cryptocurrency, there are XTZ, ANT, XRP, and BCH. He is ready to encourage people to buy crypto.

Bears Dominate Even Though Options Are Worthless

Recent data suggest that bears are likely to reign as eighty-six percent of this month’s two hundred and eighty-four million USD CME crypto options are considered to be worthless. Professionals remind all participants that one hundred million USD in CME Bitcoin options are scheduled to expire tomorrow. Fifty-eight percent of them are call options. This means that buyers are allowed to obtain BTC futures at a fixed price.

Korean Exchanges Face Challenges

Local mass media outlets announce that exchanges across Korea are in limbo. The main issue is that exchanges feel confused about collecting their clients’ SSNs under KYC and AML measures – all of these measures are going to come into force in a few months. Experts are not sure whether exchanges will be legally obliged to perform this kind of activity. If so, platforms will need to carry out a whole number of preoperational works and make changes in the infrastructure.

Deforestation in Brazil Is Reduced with Blockchain

Environmentalists are ready to implement blockchain technology to start resolving issues related to deforestation this will include Brazil where authorities are willing to make changes and prevent several key problems linked to sanctioned farms. According to news, meat processing firms might be involved in illegal deforestation of the rainforests. Officials will employ blockchain technology to offer a unique solution to the existing issues.

Cryptocurrency Approved to List on a Stock Exchange

Bermuda will soon list ETF for trading. The newly offered cryptocurrency product used for investment will appear on the platform. Specialists state that ETF will be able to keep an eye on the crypto index from Nasdaq. It will also be accessible to public traders. Executives haven’t yet announced the exact date of the launch. When the system is started, the team will introduce the index methodology. Representatives will disclose details about the offered investment product.

Banks as Well as Brokers in the Crypto Space

All curious crypto enthusiasts could take part in the discussion panel arranged by a YouTube group. During the event, parties analyzed banks and brokers that are involved in the crypto space. CV VC along with PwC reported on the blockchain firms and what plans they have related to their sectors. There are eight categories where parties will discuss banks and brokers involvement as well as their role in the blockchain space and crypto community.

What Signals Are There for Miners?

BTC Cash enthusiasts have lately announced that the last six hundred and twelve blocks or over sixty-one percent of the last one thousand blocks have been mined utilizing BCHN. Recent statistics prove that eighty-two percent of the assets’ hashpower seems to be signaling BCHN. Just fifty-three days are left until the fifteenth upgrade. It is believed that there ia a great chance the entire blockchain on BCH will divide into two networks.

Gold Bars Made by a Chinese Refinery

News agencies report that a Chinese gold refinery is likely to keep on making blockchain gold bars. Currently, the precious metal is being traded on one of the Chinese blockchain networks. Their major goal is to legitimize the space for domestic regulators. This would include foreign regulatory systems as well. As many experts state, gold will soon be digitized – it will start circulating just like any other commodities.

Physical Location Revealed with Little Harm

According to the press, the exchange did not suffer any damage or loss. The individual who revealed the location of one of the main crypto exchanges cannot be accused of violating the firm’s trade secrets. Previously, the employee was blamed for disclosing the platform’s physical location and accessing the firm’s protected equipment. Judges announce that was not done to gain economic advantage. What he did could not bring losses or damage.