TOP 10 crypto world news for September 30, 2020

Judy Rubio

Senate Will Soon Revise Blockchain Legislation

Finally, bills are making their way to the Senate. Laws and regulations have already been updated. Digital taxonomy and blockchain innovation are some of the major matters that authorities are going to revise and amend. The House of Representatives has passed several acts. Now the newly reviewed documents will go to the Senate. Papers give definitions for the terms and define their meanings and functions. Consumer protection is also covered.

Is It Wise to Be Afraid of DeFi?

Crypto market analysts admit that there are crypto enthusiasts who are still afraid of DeFi. They are willing to share their viewpoints and teach the community how to earn forty-one percent APY on the top-ranked cryptocurrency without wrapping it. DeFi yield are definitely very attractive. However, options markets can also provide all the traders nee and their returns are almost the same. Individuals should also pay attention to possible risks.

Congress Is Ready to Weigh Crypto Payments

It’s obvious that there is plenty of skepticism about loosening regulations applied to loans. Nevertheless, the Fintech keeps on discussing crypto and suggests upgrading payments in the USA. The latest hearing proved there are arguments on newly set rules – according to specialists, they would expand banking regulations to accept more technology companies that provide all sorts of financial services. Loosening the rules will allow more firms to offer loans.

Pro-Bitcoin Senate Candidate Promotes Crypto

Nowadays there are people in the Senate who are hodlers. More than they, they see the top-ranked cryptocurrency as an alternative store of value to the U.S. dollar. One such person is Cynthia Lummis. Seven years ago, while in Congress, she bought her first BTC. Now the woman sees the asset as a great alternative store of value to the native currency of the country. What attracted her was the asset’s innovative features and DeFi public ledger along with a fixed supply.

Uniswap Accumulates 2 Billion USD

Uniswap is the DeFi exchange that is built on Ethereum has managed to accumulate a whopping two billion USD in TLV this week. Recent data proves that this platform dominates the eleven billion USD landscape by over eighteen percent. The DeFi field has reached several new milestones as the ecosystem’s value locked has topped the high level. Next after the services comes MakerDAO with one billion and nine hundred million USD.

Shielded Zcash Payouts Receive Support

For the very first time, shielded withdrawals received support on a popular platform. ZEC is said to start a consolidation period when the support was at sixty USD. It was then closely related to a channel breakout that was descending. Zcash keeps on slicing through the support zone because it traded over one hundred USD two months ago. The market has maintained within the channel. Also, support at fifty USD came in handy while reversal remained above sixty USD.

Crypto Risk Exposure Matters to Banks

FinCEN has decided to warn banks located across the USA that is keeping an eye on the response to cryptocurrency risk exposure. Professionals mention that authorities should pay attention to the organizations’ AML programs. Officials encourage banks to think about their crypto risk exposure and implement AML policies that would be more efficient. Banks’ responsibility is to identify and report all sorts of suspicious activities.

The Current Position of BTC’s Price

According to crypto market specialists, the price of the top-ranked cryptocurrency seems t be sandwiched between support and resistance levels. Grayscale is the company focusing on investments that has purchased more than seventeen thousand BTC in the past few days. The asset has faced a strong resistance level at ten thousand eight hundred USD. It is known that the firm is ready to purchase another one hundred and eighty million ISD worth in crypto.

Exit Package for Coinbase Employees

Employees of the platform who are not comfortable with its major mission are offered an exit package. The service is likely to keep politics and activism separate from the exchanges’ business. Executives are now prepared to provide a new exit package after the release of blog post. The information contained details of the reasons why the firm’s operator would be willing to take an apolitical mission. The new direction seems to make some feel uncomfortable.

BTC Price Shows Bulls and Bears Behavior

News sources state that the top-ranked cryptocurrency’s price is in flux. According to the latest statistics, bulls are targeting eleven thousand five hundred USD while bears desire to drop to nine thousand eight hundred USD. At the same time, the price seems to be gearing up for another jump at the eleven-thousand USD mark. On the other hand, traders should know that resistance is in the eleven thousand and eleven thousand two hundred USD zone.