Top-5 blockchain startups 2020

Colin Baseman

More and more businesses are starting to use distributed ledger technologies. The total number of blockchain startups has exceeded 11500, and the capital attracted by them has reached 10 billion USD. Almost half of this amount was raised in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, blockchain startups continued their active development. Below is a list of the five most promising enterprises in 2020.

WINk - blockchain platform for gambling

WIN tokens support both Tron's TRC20 and Binance's BEP2 standards. Using WIN tokens, you can play dice, slot machines, poker, and many other gambling games, as well as bet on the outcome of sporting events. All you have to do is "freeze" WIN tokens on your cryptocurrency wallet to get passive income as a percentage of your company's profits. There is a set of tools for developers, allowing them to create new games. According to DappRadar, the decentralized WINk application is among the top leaders by the number of users and the volume of transactions. In total, WINk users bid over $9 million a day. The company has game licenses in Costa Rica and Curacao. In 2020 the company plans to partner with leading football clubs in Europe and open API. WINk has the potential to become the most popular decentralized gambling platform in the world.

Perlin - a decentralized trading platform for computing capacity

A DAG-based network can provide enormous processing power to any application. Owners are rewarded with PERL tokens in exchange for excess processing power. The latest Avalanche consensus technology is used, the description of which was provided by an anonymous author. Avalanche has advantages over PoW and PoS consensus technologies. However, the PoS consensus is partially used for better compatibility with smart contracts. In addition to the "cloud-decentralized supercomputer", the project will include a service for supply chain management and a tool for verifying product and asset rights. At present, the project is in the testing phase.

Tierion - a cryptocurrency for data verification

Tierion network tokens are labeled TNT. They are used to creating digital signatures that certify various documents. The system is based on the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts on this blockchain. The Tierion network has no performance limitations, and as the number of members grows, the total capacity of the network only increases. The user can certify up to 15,000 documents per month free of charge. The service records all document changes in the Chainpoint blockchain and binds them to the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains simultaneously. Tierion partners are major companies such as Microsoft and Philips, as well as some government agencies.

ACINQ is a way to speed up Bitcoin blockchain

A Bitcoin problem such as low transaction speeds will soon be a thing of the past. Thanks to the French startup ACINQ, the implementation of Lightning Network, an additional protocol for the Bitcoin network, is getting closer. Already ACINQ provides more than 1000 Lightning Network nodes. The total amount of investments raised by the startup has exceeded $10 million. One of the investors is the partially state-owned French investment bank Bpifrance.

Terra is a Korean payment system on a blockchain

South Korean Terra Pay is a simple and convenient payment system on the blockchain. It is already used by Koreans to purchase various goods and services. Such large companies as OKEx, Huobi Capital, and Binance Labs have already invested over $32 million in Terra. The South Korean stable coin is already a significant bid for success, given the size of the South Korean market and Koreans' interest in digital currencies. The Terra network is already active in 11 Asian countries and the total number of users has reached 1.1 million. There are mobile wallets for iOS and Android devices. Currently, Terra is exploring markets such as credit and insurance. 

The list of promising startups in this article is far from complete. We have tried to present in this selection different lines of business on the blockchain, as well as different countries and continents. There is no doubt that the development of blockchain startups will continue and our readers will receive new lists of interesting projects.