TOP 5 crypto world news for September 12, 2020

Endy Callahan

Singaporean Bitcoin broker convicted of stealing $267,000

In Singapore, a court issued a verdict in the case of a 29-year-old cryptocurrency broker. Jeromel Gee Ming Lee was accused of involvement in the theft of $267,000. The broker instructed his accomplices to Rob the investor. They attacked a man in a hotel room, beat him up, and took a bag of cash. At the trial, Ming Lee confessed to one of the charges — criminal conspiracy. He was sentenced to three years in prison and 12 strokes of the cane.

The case of the second member of the group is pending.

The internal revenue service of the US called the reward for circumventing Montero’s privacy

The American tax service (IRS) will pay $625 thousand to a contractor who will help track transactions in the Monero digital currency network, bypassing technologies that ensure their anonymity. The Agency is ready to cooperate with one or more contractors. Applications are open until September 16. The IRS is interested in specialized tools that will allow the service to find out the exact transaction date, time, the sum, and other information about the wallet in the Monero network.

Bitcoin wallet with $690 million offered for sale on a hacker forum

The crypto wallet, which supposedly contains 69,370 BTC (about $690 million) appeared on sale on the recognized hacker forum RaidForums. The wallet is on the seventh position in the world by the number of bitcoins. Fraudsters have been trying unsuccessfully to crack it for years and have even put it up for sale more than once. On July 29, 2019, the e-wallet was sold on the forum called Bitcointalk, and previously this year on the All Private Keys website. There is actually no guarantee that the wallet.dat file contains BTC tokens.

The head of Twitter called Bitcoin the best currency on the Internet

The Internet requires its own currency, and BTC is the best contender for this position, said the head of Twitter and Square Jack Dorsey in an interview with Reuters. As stated by him, digital currency and the world wide web have a common feature — these tools are developed by the community and built-in accordance with common interests.

"The Internet needs its own currency, and bitcoin is the best option at the moment. I don't see how this can change, given all the people who are pursuing the same goal and working to unlock the potential of cryptocurrency," Dorsey said.

Bitcoin continues flimsy growth above the $10,000 mark

Bitcoin is trying to grow from a minimum of $9,825, marked on September 5. However, it fails to break through minor resistance, and the growth itself seems remedial. Over the past week, bitcoin has tried to bounce up three times, but a strong breakout has not occurred.