TOP 7 crypto world news for September 17, 2020

Endy Callahan

Sending Email Messages through Your Ethereum Address

The good old days are likely to return. From now on you can sign your email with a private key. What Unstoppable Domains has presented is a newly developed feature. Users who have a domain with a crypto extension can try the service. Now it’s possible to send messages signed by the ETH private key. PGP keys were used to sign texts almost thirty years ago. This method allowed people to encrypt emails as well as other digital mediums.

Hydra in Russia Beats Western Darknet Space

DNM is a darknet marketplace functioning across Russia. It is known as Hydra and is rather infamous since it is one of the six largest services by volume. The firm is responsible for creating a drug delivery system. Its structure is complex and caters to users across the country and abroad. The marketplace has existed for the past five years and ran alongside RAMP.

Another Price Fall for SushiSwap

According to the most recent data, Sushi token might suffer another fall in price below one U.S. dollar. Statistics show that there was a surge to nearly sixteen USD. Nevertheless, due to the crypto market crash, the price started to drop to around one USD within a couple of days. The price trend of the token has formed a weak support level. Specialists predict that soon the price may fall below one USD.

Price Analysis for the Top Ten Cryptos

BTC as well as several altcoins have managed to break above key resistance level. What is now occurring means that the bulls are trying to dominate the market. This week professionals pointed out that MicroStrategy had added almost seventeen thousand BTC to its current holding of more than twenty-one BTC. The brand is now the first public firm to adopt a top-ranked cryptocurrency standard.

Blockchain Voting for People in South Korea

South Korean homes are ready to accept blockchain. Its integration will allow the population to vote thanks to the blockchain approach. The government will pledge over one million USD to fund a platform based on blockchain technology. The project targets apartment residents in South Korea. It’s a contact-free service that helps citizens engage with voting electronically.

Blockchain Gaming Stuns Fans

WarnerMedia is likely to become a part of the blockchain gaming industry. This will be achieved via Turner Sports, which is the bran’s subsidiary. The former has recently confirmed that their team will integrate a platform that will allow users to train and collect. Players will compete with digital athletes. At the same time, the system will permit participants to earn money prizes.

Digital Money from the Bahamas Next Month

Official representatives state that the Bahamas plan to launch its e-money to other islands next month. It is known that the Sand Dollar was first introduced to the public last year. Now there is another goal – the region wishes to become the first area to launch a sovereign digital currency and offer it to neighboring islands. This will simplify money transactions occurring between them. At the moment, banking platforms are inaccessible for the population and new payment solutions will be of use.