TOP 9 crypto world news for September 18, 2020

Judy Rubio

Bitcoin Cash Powers Voting Application

Bitcoin Unlimited has finally decided to launch a voting application offering two options. The service runs on a platform developed by Bitcoin Cash. Votepeer allows users to adjust a transparent process using a simple protocol. The SPV technology verifies and approves participants and there is no need for a full node. After the first step is accomplished, anonymous voting is possible during the second phase.

Total Value Locked Captures 9 Billion USD

DeFi economy seems to be ready to rebound. Recent data shows that the total value locked has increased twenty-eight percent. This, in turn, means that the trend captures close to nine billion USD. The TVL in DeFi economy has finally managed to recapture much of the value. Professionals mentioned the losses it experienced last week. Back then, the value fell below seven billion USD. Since then, though, there has been a significant jump.

Decreasing Cash Hoarding in Ethiopia

A new set of banknotes has been unveiled by the Ethiopian government. This step is believed to help authorities while curbing cash hoarding. Officials hope to fight illicit financial flows and, which is not less important, to prevent illegal trade. The step is aimed at increasing the liquidity of financial bodies – most of the country’s banks are coping with cash-based economy. A report states the representatives plan to invest ninety-seven million USD in printing the new notes.

BTC Dominance Increases while Alt-Season Ends

The Alt-period is likely to have come to an end. At the same time, Specialists admit that the top-ranked cryptocurrency’s dominance keeps rising and is now approaching near quarterly close. The crypto’s price is getting stronger – its dominance bounced from lows. This might means that the altcoin period may have finished. Some participants hope that profits from the rally can have returned to Bitcoin. The crypto’s index seems to have recovered and may outperform many altcoins.

DeFi Ideology Linked to BTC Tokenization

Traders are wrapping their top-ranked cryptocurrency and the levels are approaching its record highs. What is happening may be aimed at yield farm. Part of traders will engage in DeFi tokens. The crypto’s price is currently flirting with eleven thousand USD. A move above this figure is not a significant milestone. It’s essential to mention that BTC tokenized to ETH might top one billion USD. Many traders choose to become providers and investors.

Crypto Prices Affected by Global Economy

Crypto prices, according to experts, are still weighed down and this is occurring due to the harsh global economic environment. Professionals claim that 2020 is unlikely to be the time of the major retail bull run. The reason is that the world’s economy seems to be lingering over the very industry. This reminds us of other financial markets. The post-pandemic has affected travel and closed businesses, which also influenced the crypto market.

Dapper Labs Partners with Stablecoin

It is announced that the company has established a partnership with its second main stablecoin a few days ago. BUSD is now the second major stablecoin – the team confirmed that the firm intends to launch on Dapper Lab employing the brand’s Flow blockchain. Previously, the platform decided to add USDC, which is the rival coin.

Wyoming Intends to Regulate Blockchain

Blockchain regulation in Wyoming needs adjustments and the official representatives will soon take all the necessary steps towards this significant change. Kraken is the first crypto business that has received a charter to function as a bank in the USA. This is a great move towards regulatory attitudes. Professionals wish to bring crypto into the mainstream. Banks will be able to both custody assets and receive deposits.

Crypto Transactions Piloted in Colombia

The financial sector in Colombia will soon receive permission to pilot various transactions related to cryptocurrencies. Banks will be allowed to try out crypto transfers – they will do this in a new regulatory environment. Crypto-powered business is what may improve the current financial situation of the population. The local financial system will have to test fiat in transfers and fiat out transactions employing cryptocurrencies using a newly offered regulatory environment.