TOP 9 crypto world news for September 19, 2020

Endy Callahan

CapitalXtend Ready to Offer Crypto Trading

A brokerage company functioning as an offshore provider of various financial services is likely to offer users to trade cryptocurrencies. The list includes commodities as well as indices. Also, there will be CFDs and Forex trading. The board has already adopted resolutions and approved a new applicant. It’s known that the brand has obtained a membership that will allow its traders will have access to dispute resolution services that the commission offers.

Flawless AML Solutions for Crypto Exchanges in South Korea

All crypto exchanges will have to implement strict AML policies in the nearest future. In a few months, new legislation will come into force in South Korea, and now crypto exchanges are looking forward to adopting solutions that would fully meet the new requirements. The majority of crypto players wish to roll out seamless solutions that let users clear initial AML and KYC protocols much faster. Some of the solutions are used by banks in order to prevent money laundering.

Zhao Slammed for Supporting DeFi Projects

Strategies that seem to be irresponsible make the major crypto players feel suspicious. It was inevitable to call the exchange and its executives for the recent support they provided to promote a few DeFi projects. BSC is currently highly centralized and is under the control of one single group. BakerySwap failed after just twelve hours and the event cause protests in China and other regions. Critics state that Binance’s behavior is irresponsible and too harmful for the crypto community.

Who Will Pay Gas Spike Fees in ETH?

Ethereum has been experiencing gas spikes in recent months. This, in turn, has forced Coinbase Pro to decide where the firm will pass network fees. According to official representatives, network fees will be passed to customers. This decision led to several significant changes. Miners are collecting massive revenues capturing up to eight hundred and fifty thousand USD per hour. Some users feel upset about this while others state that alternative networks are more rewarding.

Uniswap Trading Volume Covers Three Cryptos

According to recent data, trading volume trails only three major cryptocurrencies and their list includes Tether and ETH besides along with the top-ranked crypto. A few days ago, the exchange launched its token. Now the UNI is capable of experiencing significant increases in daily volume. The token is currently the fourth token most commonly traded on crypto exchanges. News agencies report that the volume for the token stands at a bit below five billion USD.

Bitcoin Role and Correlation to Uniswap

BTC is now pinned to eleven thousand USD. At present, analysts see that the top-ranked cryptocurrency plays the second fiddle to UNI. It is obvious that traders are ready to turn their attention to other DeFi tokens and this would include UNI. At the same time, people may follow the price of ETH since the asset has managed to gain ten percent in the past few days and might rally to four hundred and twenty-two USD.

East Asia Is Demonstrating Crypto Activity

Europe as well as North America is currently trailing behind East Asia since the latter dominates the global on-chain crypto activities. Professionals admit that crypto activities keep on flourishing across the world. Specialists refer all to the most recent reports where participants see over 150 countries and how crypto is adopted in those regions. The highest in adoption are countries located in East Asia.

UNI Price Fall Won’t Faze Participants

Uniswap’s token soared to more than eight USD. It then corrected suddenly however, major traders believe that the price will soon increase again. At the same time, many say that the token plunged twenty-two percent, and yet this does not seem to faze traders. ETH and YFI managed to rally while UNI corrected – this is what top traders are viewing on. Crypto enthusiasts note that UNI is undervalued, although it’s possible that soon the asset will be worth 5 billion.

Crypto Regulation across the EU before 2024

All crypto market analysts mention that the European Union intends to implement blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrencies into its major processes in the nearest four years. Also, the union aims to develop new regulations. This move will help countries to promote digital asset usage. It will also support blockchain technology. Authorities confirm that the EU needs to have a comprehensive system enabling DLT in the financial sector.