TOP 9 crypto world news for September 23, 2020

David Kemp

Zebpay Enables Crypto Ads on Disney+

Learning about secure crypto is now possible via channels. BTC-related advertisements are streaming in some regions. The public can see them on Disney+ and all this became realistic thanks to the efforts made by Zebpay. According to the exchange, the campaign will help promote the top-ranked cryptocurrency and teach people about its role. Users report that ads appear during sports games encouraging viewers to start employing the platform.

Price Drop Won’t Affect the Bullish Trend

BTC options, as specialists report, are still bullish. This is occurring even though there was a price drop of nine hundred USD this week. Retail traders felt suspicious about the event and are looking forward to the expiry scheduled for Friday. Novice participants do not need to worry since options and trading features do not seem to be affected by the fall. Professional investors choose to use different tools than those retail people and day traders typically employ.

SME Is Likely to Outrank PayPal in Patents

China’s SME is ready to prove that it can outrank PayPay. This small startup based in China can be above Paypal in blockchain issuance. There are reports showing patent applications and how many of them have been lodged this year. We can see that some of the giants are on the list. However, it is more surprising to see smaller companies go ahead of telecom companies and famous payments platforms. Blockchain-related research will show the reasons.

Stablecoins Can Start Functioning as Savings Accounts

It was announced by Origin that OUSD does not require staking. It does not need accounts, either. Also, the P2P company mentions that the stablecoin’s reserves remain stable and leverage DeFi plays its role and the balances continue to grow wherever this may resides. OUSD will receive backing from USDT, USDC, and DAI. Moreover, users are allowed to mint the coin by depositing the mentioned assets into a new app. They can also purchase them on services like Uniswap.

Twitter Is Suffering from Scammers

It’s hard to believe how many hackers and fraudsters find Twitter appealing when wthey plan to employ their schemes. Now professionals research and analyze the issue trying to predict how deep all these cybercriminals are willing to sink to perform their activities. Many attackers hack accounts and start offering investment opportunities to subscribers and followers of high-profile people. Impersonators are doing all possible to make people believe and trust them.

How Will the Authorities Enforce Securities on Tokens?

Crypto market analysts state that UNI tokens are about to face issues. It is known that they are subject to securities enforcement actions carried out by the SEC. Right after airdropping, some lawyers in the USA believed that the token distribution that had occurred was illegal. In their turn, the Uniswap team dared the authorities to hold them to account. Specialists do not deny that there are arguments that UNI tokens do not fall into the framework applied by the SEC.

Lightning Attack Vector Is Revealed

Developers are ready to reveal the facts and claim that larger payment channels can be used for illegal purposed, according to an independent researcher. Micro-payment systems are exploited and this is what compromises the network. Luckily, specialists keep on inventing solutions.  In some instances, channels are exploited since they cannot hold over four hundred and eighty-three hash and HTLCs at any time and this does not relate to its capacity.

Risks Are High Yet Farmers Can’t read Smart Contracts

Surveys prove that yield farmers are not yet fully prepared to read smart contracts. However, it’s essential to admit that the risks are high. These investments carry some certain nuances that people should learn about and be aware of the consequences. Unfortunately, forty-percent of DeFi users do not comprehend the smart contracts they typically employ for farming. There are too few people who have heard of impermanent losses.

A Token Reward Scheme Is Launched

LINE is a popular messaging service that has finally launched a special reward program. There are over eighty-four million users across Japan who are looking forward to the event. People will receive LINK tokens – all they need to do is to be active users of the brand’s digitally provided services. Participants will bridge their accounts to three applications on their mobile devices for settlement and remittance. Exerts report that the plan will promote the company’s initiative and develop dapps.