TOP 9 crypto world news for September 25, 2020

Endy Callahan

Android Malware Targets Coinbase Wallet Holders

Hackers keep on attacking crypto enthusiasts – their major interest is cryptocurrency. Technicians have recently revealed that there is a new Trojan that was created to steal money from phones driven by Android used by people owning and using crypto.  The banking industry is now doing all possible to prevent attacks and protect users. Currently, cybercriminals are targeting Coinbase. However, they are also performing fraud on Luno and

Redefining Finance Reveals Uniswap’s Performance

The brand’s token seems to fall short of the industry’s inflated hopes. It’s obvious that the sudden release of the token is the greatest event of this week. Uniswap shared four hundred of its tokens to all those who have ever performed trade with the company’s protocol. This includes even people whose interactions failed for some reason. Specialists admit that the incentives allowed the service to break records one more time. This, in turn, led to greater liquidity.

In Israel BTC Might Soon Be Taxed as a Currency

Regulatory reality in some regions does not seem to be adapted to the existing reality in the sphere and this phenomenon applies to Israel. Officials suggest that it’s necessary to treat digital currencies like fiat and this would be done mainly for tax purposes. Regulators wish to amend tax laws. Right now, the top-ranked cryptocurrency is treated as an asset. This means that BTC is taxed twenty five percent when people convert their tokens into fiat.

Crypto-Based Assets Are Employed by 100 Million People

More than one million people are aware of the advantages offered by crypto-based assets. There are more and more individuals joining the crypto space and becoming its active users. The dominance of crypto assets is global, and yet it is still growing. Among some of the most popular assets would be BTC. Researchers have tried to estimate the geolocation of individuals. According to statistics, the greatest number of users are based in Europe and North America.

Aspects That Make Traders Turn Bullish

As many participants already know, the crypto’s price has lately surged to ten thousand and seven hundred USD. Once this occurred, there were plenty of traders who turned bullish after this event. Professionals have estimated three major reasons that explain why this happened. At the moment, some of the factors include the dollars’ weakness, top-ranked cryptocurrency whale activity, and negative funding rates.

Stablecoins Have Reached 20 Billion USD

Recent data suggests that the total value has already exceeded twenty billion USD. This reflects the increasing demand of various investors wishing to hedge risks in traditional markets as well as crypto space. As experts state, people do not feel safe during the post-pandemic period and need more safety and security. The recent downward pricing trend might be the key trigger of the latest increase. Some exchanges do not even offer fiat pairs while users can find stablecoins.

Makerdao Decision Finds No Support

News agencies announce that Makerdao’s decision to support those who vote against compensation needed by victims of Black Thursday faced too much criticism. Holders didn’t express willingness to help out the individuals that were liquidated when there was an unexpected flash crash. Over sixty-five of the governance portal participants were eager to vote for zero compensation. There were a few options for the voting parties. The majority of people voted against.

Bitcoin Seems to Be Facing Strong Resistance

Many participants agree that the top-ranked cryptocurrency is very unlikely to fall below six thousand seven hundred USD. Crypto market analysts say that this asset is linked to the U.D. dollar rather than the stock market. There is a change the market will face a price floor formed by the level of six thousand seven hundred USD. Data shows that almost sixty percent of people will feel bullish about BTC over the upcoming year.

Music Fans Will Be Rewarded with Crypto

Bitradio welcomes all music lovers and announces that all listeners will receive a reward in a cryptocurrency for listening to their favorite tunes. It’s a website driven by a community. Moreover, the platform offers free services and provides over thirty thousand radio stations. Users who collect BROs will be able to exchange them for the top-ranked cryptocurrency or use their asset to own some