Uniswap Offers Robonomics for 95K USD

David Kemp

Tokens may be some participants’ main interest. People find it useful to invest their money in popular assets that can bring them greater profits in the long run. This is how many prominent investors behave when they wish to boost their income. Robonomics’ lifetime subscription token has finally started trading for an impressive price. All users who wish to purchase the brand’s tokens can do so on Uniswap.

All crypto market analysts have been looking forward to the launch of the mainnet of DOT. However, executives of the company have witnessed numerous less impressive assets that are tightly linked with the project that has recently proved to be very influential in its nature.

Both tokens are currently among assets that have managed to surge together with DOT. It’s essential to mention that the price of its popular and widely spread utility asset XRT has increased ten times a couple of weeks ago.

On the other hand, Robonomics’ team admits that its token has also demonstrated large gains and has eventually become the first crypto asset that is now traded for over one hundred thousand USD when it tagged one hundred and sixteen thousand USD in the past few weeks. Official representatives of the company announced that RWS’s stunning price is due to the asset’s minute supply. There are just fifty coins presently being in use from a relatively tiny supply of only one hundred tokens.

Nevertheless, even though the very first fifty units were delivered on the mentioned platform, the rest of the coins, according to the official representatives, had to be reserved. This was done to ensure that non-profit companies, organizations as well as academia could gain access to them, too.

Many specialists point out that the team is researching new possibilities of the blockchain approach and method to create open-source products that can deal with smart cities and provide support. They expect it to support robotics as well. The brand’s token includes the so-called ‘subscription model’ trial version that some regard as an experiment.

Principles of the System

On the whole, the newly created network needs this kind of change to see how efficient and productive this project is. At the same time, users should not forget that RWS guarantees that the holder will receive a lifetime transactional bridge.

Each token ensures one transaction only – the process takes only one second. Everything occurs between the holder of the token with his IoT device and the company’s para chain. This makes two million five hundred thousand transactions performed every month.

Fractional owners of RWS can be certain to have transactional throughput – 0.001 RWS would be able to carry out a transaction one time per one hundred seconds. At the moment, Uniswap is the only platform where RWS is trading. It is capable of generating almost three hundred and fifty thousand USD in a twenty-four-hour volume.

Also, the market cap of the token is over four million USD. It is not included in the list of the first five hundred crypto assets and, as many experts say, by capitalization it stands outside for now. Executives describe the token as an exclusive offer and note that future token patterns and models will suggest various kinds of RWS assets with monthly and other sorts of restrictions and limitations. RWS is going through its alpha version now. Specialists state that there is an asset’s beta release. News agencies report the launch has been scheduled for the end of this year.

Even though there were nine-hundred-percent spikes previously a few weeks ago, the company’s tokens have already retraced by approximately twenty percent and twenty-five percent from their all-time highs. So far, the project has been quite successful and there are advantages all professionals admit and acknowledge.

 In the future, the company is going to generate more original ideas and work on new projects that all parties will be able to benefit from.