What Does It Take for ETH to Hit 400 USD?

Judy Rubio

Many crypto market specialists are now analyzing the current situation. Their mission is to make predictions and foresee certain events. This time professionals are trying to tell what factors can influence the ETH price and whether it can hit four hundred USD.

Some claim that this is quite possible to face, but then DeFi would need to keep downing BTC’s lunch. DeFi staking services are still rising and this is what can be ruining ‘interest’ in BTC. More than that, this gives ETH the potential to outperform the top-ranked crypto soon.

There is hardly a news report that would avoid mentioning the importance of DeFi – most sources talk about this sector and say that it’s regarded to be greater than the altcoin book three years ago. All of the claims we hear nowadays are funded pretty well. Specialists draw this conclusion because they take into consideration many factors like the giant Tether market cap and the latest surge in the price of Chainlink, too.

Finally, many admit that they are impressed with the one-million-USD deposits in Celsius. Let us not forget that there is an issue related to the value proposition to institutions that are about to enter the industry. Participants think that earning eight percent interest on USDT in a few months is possible, but so it is to lose eleven percent on BTC in one single day.


Holders analyze the charts to see the correlation of the cryptocurrencies. This helps them learn and understand the situation on the market.

According to the data above, the pattern now is descending. Of course, it is too close to the top of a channel and the price at present is about nine thousand one hundred and fifty USD. Also, the resistance remains at nine thousand two hundred and seventy USD. The lower level support stays at eight thousand two hundred USD and this means that people interested in BTC can expect to see an eleven-percent fall.

Number-Two Coin Prognosis

DeFi projects have been steadily gaining popularity and interest in them is also growing. Many compare it to the rise of the phoenix and feel it has a lot of opportunities to offer.

ETH paints an image of a fifty-percent upside and a three-percent downside. That’s just one point and it cannot guarantee anything in particular. To many analysts, it indicates that ETH might be facing its comeback. We may find it a bit controversial, but we cannot deny that this crypto has managed to cement itself as remaining exceptionally important.

Without this asset, we wouldn’t have the majority of smart contracts, DeFi platforms, and altcoins. All these nuances promise fantastic returns when you choose the right one and this includes LINK, too. The weekly chart for ETH shows the details of the movements.

Last week the market performed technical analysis and saw that not much change can be seen in the BTC price – this crypto is still hovering near the 0.382 fib. On the other hand, most of the price action occurs under 0.236. This, in turn, puts the pair close to four hundred USD.

Participants know that if the trend keeps on developing further, they might face a one hundred and fifty percent gain on ETH. How soon can ETH start outperforming BTC? This is not the only question that boggles many users’ minds. DeFi offers alternative investment options, but we shouldn’t forget that the paired assets will grow and this will put ETH in prime position for a comeback. Specialists are studying the bullish scenario for BTC and mention how important it is for the asset to break out of the current downward slide.

Also, they consider the bearish scenario for the crypto and see a lot of support around eight thousand nine hundred USD.