What is Enecuum?

Colin Baseman

Enecuum is a mobile blockchain network that is designed for decentralized applications. Due to it, cryptocurrencies become more accessible, stationary and mobile devices are included in the blockchain network, and DApps developers get powerful tools.

Appearance and development of Enecuum

Company team began to develop a complex concept in 2017. It includes a blockchain explorer, a working masternode, and a digital wallet. Coins that users receive in a mobile masternode can be exchanged for an ENQ token. It is already available on Graviex and other crypto exchanges.

Payment on Graviex can be made in cryptographic and fiat currencies. The platform supports euros and dollars. The test network performs 500 operations per second, the company plans to increase the figure to 9000 operations per second. Future plans are incredibly ambitious - processing over 1 million transactions per second!

Headquarter of Enecuum is in Hong Kong. In 2018, the company organized a private sale of tokens, which brought it 3,000 ETH. Its team includes academicians, developers and entrepreneurs in the field of information technology.

In the near future - the launch of a decentralized VPN service p2p, available to users of the application. It is expected that several similar programs will appear in the future.

Enecuum is actively seeking partners. Currently its partners are Alphachain, GEM Crypto, MyWish, Paytomat and others.

Key Benefits of Enecuum

One of the main features of the ecosystem is a combination of three principles:

  • PoA
  • PoS
  • PoW

The developers have implemented an integrated approach to the algorithm. As a result, they achieved high decentralization, transaction speed and network security. The PoS method assumes that the reward is determined by the number of coins that are owned. PoW requires users to perform complex calculations.

In the beta application, an important role is assigned to PoA. The program successfully performs its functions in the background mode. The main condition is to have an Internet connection. The company has made mining available on smartphones and tablet computers.

Enecuum is the first blockchain in the world to use mobile masternodes. Application was developed for installation on the Android operating system, the developer promised in the future to release it for iOS. Its effect on the battery is no more than a regular messenger, Android 4.4, 1.5 GB of memory and 1 GHz processor power are enough to work. Thanks to multilingual support, customers from around the world can become users.

Benefits of Enecuum

ENQ tokens are awarded to users as a reward for mining. They can be exchanged for a wallet on the official website. Airdrop company checked the settings and performance of the application during the process. It did not follow in the footsteps of the majority when only tokens are displayed on the market. Enecuum customers received a fully operational product, simple tasks with the ability to receive daily rewards. The system of work is absolutely transparent and simple.

The company uses social networks, including YouTube and Medium, to provide exchange instructions.

The main advantages of Enecuum:

  • Through the application, hundreds of thousands of coins were mined
  • The first masternode for a mobile phone
  • Effective referral program: reward for attracted users
  • PoW (PC users), PoA (staking) and PoS (reward for wallets with many of coins)
  • Successful test passing
  • Register thousands of user wallets
  • Ease of the application usage
  • ROI (return on investment) calculator

Safety and sustainability

The hybrid consensus algorithm is similar to the improved modification of Bitcoin-NG. It allows you to simultaneously extract several network units. The result is high network bandwidth. The project is resistant to mining using ASIC. For this, it uses the CryptoNight algorithm with secret modifications.

Enecuum uses 2-factor evidence of activity. Miners using the PoA algorithm will form teams of 64 participants each and jointly reach consensus. Each association will check the microblogging chains of 62 pieces, each of which has 40 transactions, after which they will be added to the network.

Mining participants will check the remnants of wallets in the system, their reward will be flexible. It seems that Enecuum is trying to bring together as many people as possible in order to participate in the ecosystem.

Plans of Developers

From the Enecuum Roadmap, you can see big and ambitious goals. First of all, the user will be presented with the Petri smart contract editor for working on the network. There are also plans to develop a full version of SHARNELL smart contracts. The next stage of development will be the launch of a gateway for the automatic transfer of smart contracts from various networks to the internal one. Developers will continue to improve their product.

Smart contracts are created in JavaScript, they are easy to write. This makes it easier to train specialists and cheaper to create. Thanks to linear logic, vulnerabilities are eliminated and the risks of hacking are reduced.

Enecuum has become a pioneer in several areas. The combination of different types of algorithms increased the security of the network, allowed the use of mobile mining and attracted additional interest from the crypto community. Everyone can take part in the development of the project. The simplest thing is to simply download the application to your phone and run it in the background. Do this, and you can check the operation of block mining on a mobile device!