ICO calendar: how to use and who needs a calendar

What is ICO calendar?

Endy Callahan

Since 2016, ICOs have shown a huge increase in investment. Everyone who has dealt with cryptocurrency knows about the possibilities of such investments. Nevertheless, beginning investors often have no idea how to find suitable ICO projects. Experienced investors actively use calendars on special trackers. They allow you to learn a lot about upcoming token sales, the pros, and cons of various startups.

How to use calendars on ICO trackers

ICO trackers are web-based platforms on which token placement information is published. Many use them only as a calendar of upcoming events in the cryptocurrency world. Some trackers have a countdown timer and links to project web resources.

The platforms with ICO calendars provide the opportunity to receive additional information:

  • To estimate the risk. With an increase in the indicator, concerns about the project increase. The analysis is based on the maximum available information. This can be a whitepaper, team information, the opinion of analysts, etc. Sometimes the high risk is assigned to projects about which little information is provided.
  • Basic report. This criterion includes all aspects, including development prospects, whether the product uses its own blockchain platform.
  • Hype rating. Often determines the success of the initial placement of tokens. Of primary importance here is the number of subscribers to social networks and channels of the project, as well as traffic sources.
  • Investment rating. Experts evaluate the accuracy of project information and the potential for the successful product launch.

Who needs ICO calendars

Trackers are useful not only for investors but also for owners of blockchain startups. The latter, with their help, inform the public about the upcoming ICO. Posting information about your project on the tracker is quite simple.

It is important to understand that administrators of ICO calendar sites try not to miss fraudulent projects. And yet they manage to get through the cracks every now and then. Therefore, you need to be vigilant and not blindly believe all the information provided. Evaluating token sales is problematic even for experienced investors, not to mention newcomers.

The main stages of the tokens sale

One of the first stages of attracting investors is a presale. During it, a closed sale of a limited number of tokens is carried out. Project managers independently choose the investors who suit them. Preference is given to institutional investors. Sometimes a minimum investment amount is set.

During the crowdsale, the owners organize a public sale of tokens. Usually, its duration is one or two months. But sometimes tokens can be sold throughout the year. During the crowdsale, the goal is to realize the required number of coins and get the required amount. Sometimes, requirements are set for investors, in which case the round is closed.

It is better to treat to ICO calendars as to information about the start date of token sales. Of course, if the services provide additional information, you can get to know them. Nevertheless, it is better to take information from different platforms.And on our crypto portal, you can learn a lot about different types of ICOs, get recommendations on choosing projects, features of cryptocurrencies and much more.